Ampify Groovebox for iOS app gets seamless Novation Launchkey connectivity

Ampify Groovebox for iOS helps anyone create music on iphone or iPad. It’s easy to start building beats and musical ideas on the go, on the beach, or even while in bed. However, if you’re a keyboard player you’ll soon want to use a real keyboard to play the amazing synths or drum machines in Groovebox in a more meaningful way.

Our partner brand Ampify has created seamless support for the award winning Launchkey keyboard range. Simply connect your Launchkey keyboard and have full control of Groovebox using the keys, knobs, sliders and pads.

Extended pad support has even been added to allow musical scale modes while playing synths, and colour matched drumpads while playing beats.

New Features
Play Beats - Coloured drumpads easily separate your kicks from snares
Play Melodies - Scale modes help you play in key
Tweak Synths - The knobs easily control the instrument shortcut controls
Perform - Pads Select tracks and mute channels
Sliders - Adjust channel volumes
Transport - Play/stop and scene up/down controls.

Support Hardware
Launchkey Mini
Launchkey 25,49,61 (RGB only available on Mk2 version)

About Ampify
Ampify are a unique innovative software team formed from Novation, world-renowned music instrument pioneers. They're responsible for some of the most popular music creation and remixing apps on Apple’s App Store. Ampify's mission is to help people create new music in a connected world.

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Link: Groovebox for IOS

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