Nady introduces Satellite-100, UHF wireless system for electric and acoustic instruments

Richmond, CA– Nady recently announced the introduction of the Satellite-100, their latest UHF wireless system designed for both electric and acoustic instruments. Taylor made for the gigging musician, this compact, 100-channel selectable unit features instant pairing of receiver to transmitter, with “IR Sync” and SCAN function that immediately locates a clear, open frequency in the 900 MHz frequency band.  The Satellite-100ensures clear-channel operation with no interference from Wifi or other devices in the 2.4 GHz range.  True Diversity (dual antenna) guarantees the best possible signal with limited dropouts; range is up to 300 feet.

The Satellite-100’smini pedal-size receiver can be placed anywhere you choose, even on stage near a pedal-board with the 9V battery option, connecting directly to an amplifier, digital interface or P.A. mixer.  The system comes with a sturdy aluminum road case and is available with a variety of transmitter options for electric guitar, bass and horn/saxophone.  A unique, uni-directional microphone transmitter designed specifically for acoustic guitar is also available, allowing you to better capture the natural sound of your instrument (vs a guitar pickup).

The many features/options that the Satellite-100offers make it an excellent choice for instrumentalists of all skill levels and experience.  Available now to ship.

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