Roland Announces New Products at #TotallyDrums Event

Los Angeles, CA—Roland announces the TD-17 series, the latest addition to the acclaimed V-Drums lineup. Combining flagship-level sound with newly developed pads, the TD-17KVX, TD-17KV, and TD-17K-L kits deliver an experience that’s authentically close to playing acoustic drums, accurately mirroring the physical movement, stick coordination, and hand/foot control that every drummer needs. They also include integrated access to an array of motivational coaching functions, plus built-in Bluetooth® for playing along with songs and video lesson content streamed wirelessly from a smartphone. For home-based players who are serious about taking their drumming to the next level, there’s no better choice than a TD-17 series kit.

Roland Expands the V-Drums Lineup with Full-Size Bass Drums for Big Stage Presence and Authentic Acoustic Kick Feel

Roland announces four V-Drums products that take the acclaimed electronic percussion lineup to new levels of acoustic realism. The KD-220 and KD-180 Bass Drums feature full-size wood shells with Roland’s advanced trigger electronics built in, allowing drummers to bring the commanding stage presence and familiar feel of an acoustic kick to any V-Drums kit or hybrid setup. The KD-220 is also included in the new flagship TD-50KVX V-Drums kit, while the KD-180 is included in the new mid-level TD-25KVX V-Drums kit.

Roland Noise Eater Drum Hardware Now Available

Roland announces the availability of its premium Noise Eater drum hardware, an innovative new line of accessories for electronic drums that applies Roland technology to solve the age-old noise and vibration problem faced by electronic drummers. Designed specifically for electric drums, the professional-level construction offers an advanced built-in noise and vibration reduction system like no other piece of drum hardware available and provides a perfect hardware match for Roland’s industry-leading V-Drums lineup. Roland’s Noise Eater technology is offered in an assortment of drum pedals and stands including the RDH-100 Noise Eater Single Kick Pedals, the RDH-102 Noise Eater Double Kick Pedals, and the RDH-120 Noise Eater Hi-Hat Stands.

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