Building pedalboards or racks with clean cable management is a goal that all serious musicians strive to achieve. Cable management keeps everything organized, clean and tidy, reducing accidental tripping over long cable runs, reducing accidental cable breakage, and gives your rig a professional look.

Pedal Python does one thing, and it does it well: takes a bundle of your long cables and zips them up into a very tidy snake that is easy to install and works fantastically well.

For our latest pedalboard build, we had six cables running from our pedalboard’s RJM Mastermind PCB audio looper/switcher and Voodoo Lab power supply to our amp: instrument out, effects loop send/return, a pair of TRS cables for amp channel switching and a power cable so that our pedalboard could plug into the same backline power conditioner as our amp. In less than twenty minutes, we had a custom-made snake wrapped beautifully around our lengthy cable run. It was the perfect finishing touch for a board we had worked hard to feature a quality, custom cable job throughout.

The installation video on Pedal Python’s homepage walks you through the very straightforward process: lay out your cables, cut the snake to length, apply Velcro straps to make cable bundles, slowly feed cables through (feed your power cable with bulky connector first if that’s going into your snake), secure the ends with Zip ties, then apply a larger, fabric Velcro wrap over the Zip ties (eliminating sharp plastic edges that would otherwise cut your hands).

Installation instructions were extremely clear, and all of the Velcro wraps and Zip ties that you’ll need are included in the kits, which come in sizes from ten to fifty feet. Important note: the ends of the elastic-like snake can (and will) fray easily if you simply cut the snake to size with scissors. An electric hot knife is recommended, though the average player probably doesn’t have one of those laying around at home. By cutting with very sharp scissors, however, and feeding cables through the un-cut end first, we experienced very little fraying at the other end, and once we applied the final Velcro wrap, everything remained fixed neat and tidy.

We love this simple solution and heartily recommend it for anyone who desires to use their own collection of cables rather than having a true “custom” snake engineered or built. With prices starting under $20, Pedal Python is inexpensive and does a great job.

This installation video shows how easily you can install this cable management solution.

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