Native Instruments unveils nine game-changing new products, major updates to online platforms

September 6, 2018, Berlin – Native Instruments, the leading company for music production and DJing, today announces the biggest release in its 22-year history: Nine new production and performance products and three major online platform updates. The releases mark the latest step towards realizing the company’s vision of a connected ecosystem of creative tools that enables anyone to freely express their musical ideas.

The announcement encompasses five new hardware releases across KOMPLETE, MASCHINE, and TRAKTOR; four new software releases including KOMPLETE 12, KONTAKT 6, and MASSIVE X; and major updates for the company’s online platforms. exits beta, continuing its global rollout with an updated pricing plan and free trial subscriptions; Metapop relaunches with a new look and upgraded features; and boutique sample store The Loop Loft, the most recent addition to the NI family, receives a major web redesign.

“This announcement marks a new chapter in NI history,” said CEO Daniel Haver. “For music-makers of all styles and abilities, there’s now an ideal entry point to the NI ecosystem – from inspirational starter kits that guide first experiences to pro-grade products that enable our users to push the boundaries of music production and performance. With these new releases, as well as updates to our existing products and online services, we hope to empower creators of all genres and abilities to express the music within themselves.”

The hardware releases kick off on September 18th with the next generation of MASCHINE MIKRO. Together with the new KOMPLETE KONTROL A-Series keyboards and a Mk3 update to the TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 DJ system, the MIKRO rounds out a new family of entry level NI hardware. These powerful controllers aim to widen access to hands-on music production, performance, and DJing by bringing innovative features and deep software integration from flagship NI hardware down to new, lower price points.

Fall 2018 also brings major updates to NI’s professional-grade products for music production: The flagship S88 keyboard receives a Mk2 revision, while the biggest ever KOMPLETE update – KOMPLETE 12 – adds new instruments and effects to the collection, as well as Expansions sound packs for the very first time. Included in the suite is KONTAKT 6, which brings new sounds and developer tools to the industry-standard sampling platform. Also included is MASSIVE X – available from February 2019. This completely new synthesizer builds on the 11-year legacy of its predecessor with next-generation sound, state-of-the-art DSP components, new effects, and powerful new modulation options.

The much-anticipated return of TRAKTOR sees new TRAKTOR PRO 3 software along with Mk3 redesigns of the KONTROL S4 DJ system and the aforementioned KONTROL S2. The new S2 is a 2-channel DJ system that lets users easily create powerful sets with effects, samples, and more, at an accessible price point. The next-generation S4 introduces a unique new way to mix with revolutionary Haptic Drive™ technology – motorized, touch-sensitive jog wheels that provide tactile feedback to DJs as they perform.

The news comes on the back of major updates to NI’s online platforms including The Loop Loft, Metapop, and In July 2018, introduced three new subscription tiers, and began the process of global expansion by rolling out to 21 new countries. It also became the only service of its kind to offer a full-access free trial, encouraging creators of all styles, backgrounds, and abilities to sign up and experiment. Metapop and The Loop Loft – both recent Native Instruments acquisitions – today launch major web redesigns, enabling powerful new features and improved usability for music-makers.

Commenting on the announcement, Chief Innovation Officer Mate Galic said, “Tearing down barriers like cost, product complexity, and interoperability has always been our focus, and with this release, we address each of these hurdles for amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals alike. The launch of in January 2018, and with it the integration of online services into our ecosystem of software and hardware, was a pivotal moment for NI. Now, with these new building blocks in place, we are perfectly positioned to realize our vision of democratizing and unifying the music creation process.”

Through continued investment in new digital services, core product innovation, and integration with 3rd-party products via technologies like Native Kontrol Standard (NKS), Native Instruments is fast becoming a platform provider for the wider music creation and performance industry. Today, the company’s broad range of products exists within a connected ecosystem that empowers millions of creators – from first-time DJs to seasoned sound designers – to find their voice in music.

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Pricing and availability

New entry-level hardware

A new generation of entry-level hardware for production, performance, and DJing – bringing pro experiences down to unprecedented prices. Read the press release here, and visit the NI website to download a press kit with videos, images, and product fact sheets.


A compact beat-making companion that quickly takes users from a creative spark to the finished beat.

Available September 18, 2018

249 USD, 249 EUR, 31800 JPY, 199 GBP, 379 AUD, 329 CAD, 1999 CYN


A DJ controller built for the beach, the bus, the airport, and anywhere else you can take a backpack.

Available fall 2018

299 USD, 299 EUR, 37800 JPY, 239 GBP, 439 AUD, 399 CAD, 2299 CNY


A new line of affordable keyboards with a best-in-class NI keybeds and informative OLED displays.

Available October 23, 2018

A25: 149 USD, 149 EUR, 18,800 JPY, 119 GBP, 199 CAD, 1099 CYN
A49: 199 USD, 199 EUR, 24,800 JPY, 159 GBP, 259 CAD, 1699 CYN
A61: 249 USD, 249 EUR, 31,800 JPY, 199 GBP, 329 CAD, 1999 CYN

Updates to flagship production tools

A new generation of pro-grade hardware and software to shape the future of sound. Read the press release here, and visit the NI website to download a press kit with videos, images, and product fact sheets.


The world’s leading production suite receives its biggest update ever: New synths, new sampled instruments, new effects, and, for the first time ever, Expansions sound packs.

Available October 1, 2018

KOMPLETE 12 SELECT: 199 USD, 199 EUR, 24,800 YEN, 159 GBP, 299 AUD, 259 CAD, 1,699 CNY
KOMPLETE 12: 599 USD, 599 EUR, 69,800 YEN, 479 GBP, 899 AUD, 799 CAD, 4,699 CNY
KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE: 1,199 USD, 1,199 EUR, 139,800 YEN, 959 GBP, 1,799 AUD, 1,599 CAD, 9,499 CNY
KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE COLLECTOR’S EDITION: 1,599 USD, 1,599 EUR, 198,000 YEN, 1,279 GBP, 2,299 AUD, 2,099 CAD, 12,499 CNY


The forthcoming sequel to NI’s legendary virtual analog synth is more extreme, more expressive, and more expandable in every way.

Available February 2019

On its release, MASSIVE X will be made available as a free download to owners of KOMPLETE 12, KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE, and the new Collector’s Edition. Pricing for crossgrades and individual purchases will be announced at a later date.


The sixth generation of the industry’s leading sampling platform adds new builder tools and brand new instruments.

Available October 1, 2018

399 USD, 399 EUR, 49,800 YEN, 339 GBP, 549 AUD, 519 CAD, 2,999 CNY
Update for owners of KONTAKT 1-5: 99 USD, 99 EUR, 12800 YEN, 89 GBP, 149 AUD, 129 CAD, 799 CNY


Mk2 version of NI’s flagship keyboard controller: Fully-weighted hammer-action Fatar keybed with Light Guide and hi-res color screens.

Available September 27, 2018

999 USD, 999 EUR, 124800 YEN, 799 GBP, 1399 AUD, 1299 CAD, 7799 CNY

A new generation of TRAKTOR hardware and software


New TRAKTOR PRO software and a new generation of 2 and 4-channel DJ systems, including the introduction of Haptic Drive™ motorized jog wheels. Read the press release here, and visit the NI website to download a press kit with videos, images, and product fact sheets.


A DJ controller built for the beach, the bus, the airport, and anywhere else you can take a backpack.

Available fall 2018

299 USD, 299 EUR, 37800 JPY, 239 GBP, 439 AUD, 399 CAD, 2299 CNY


Two decades after TRAKTOR conquered the club, TRAKTOR PRO 3 brings punchier sound, powerful one-knob Mixer FX, and a sharper, clearer interface to the booth.

Available October 18, 2018

99 USD, 99 EUR, 12800, YEN, 89 GBP, 149 AUD, 129 CAD, 799 CNY
Upgrade: 49 USD, 49 EUR, 6280 YEN, 44 GBP, 79 AUD, 69 CAD, 379 CNY

Online platform updates

NI’s strategy to open up music-making at all levels comes to life as exits beta and recent acquisitions Metapop and The Loop Loft are revamped and relaunched. Read the press release here, and visit the NI website to download a press kit with videos, images, and product fact sheets.


Changing the world of music is a huge ambition. In order to achieve it, Native Instruments is creating a dynamic, integrated, and curated ecosystem that incorporates both NI products and services and those of third parties. This strategy is built around – an online platform for loops and samples that gives music creators of all genres access to over 700,000 of the best quality sounds from more than 250 partners.


The Loop Loft joined the Native Instruments family of online platforms in January 2018. Founded by drummer, producer, and loop guru Ryan Gruss, this boutique sample shop offers a range of collections for drums, percussion, guitar, bass, saxophone, and more, all performed by renowned musicians – such as Jack White drummer, Daru Jones, or legendary keyboardist Larry Goldings – and expertly recorded by some of the world’s best engineers. Everything in the store is 100% human, and 100% royalty free.


A Native Instruments brand since March 2017, Metapop is the place for music-makers to share, connect, and collaborate with like-minded creators. The newly updated and improved platform makes it faster and easier for producers to get feedback on tracks, join groups, chat, and win prizes with regular remix competitions. Membership is free, there are no upload limits, and the community is home to some of the best producers in the business.

About Native Instruments

Native Instruments is the industry leader in innovative, software, hardware and digital services for music creation, production, and DJing. Founded in 1996, the company pioneered the application of real-time sound synthesis on standard computers.

Today, NI caters to producers, performers, and DJs with a comprehensive ecosystem of connected hardware and software systems: KOMPLETE, the industry-leading collection of virtual instruments and effects, complemented by a range of keyboard controllers and audio interfaces; MASCHINE, a powerful range of beat-making instruments now at the heart of hip-hop and electronic music communities; and TRAKTOR, the first DJ software to conquer the club, and now a range of integrated controllers that power house parties, club booths, and the world’s biggest stages.

In 2018, Native Instruments launched, a market-leading online subscription platform for loops and samples that also creates new revenue and promotion opportunities for individuals, brands, and business across the music industry. Along with recent acquisitions of Metapop and The Loop Loft, these three online platforms further enhance NI’s ecosystem for music creation and community.

Based in the heart of the German capital’s creative hub, the company currently employs more than 500 people in its seven offices in Berlin, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Toronto, Paris, and Shenzhen, and works closely with more than 40 international distribution partners to ensure its future growth and success.