So, after thorough research (hopefully here at, you sprung for one of those few thousand-dollar guitar amp heads. Congratulations! Now that you spent all that dough, we hope you aren’t going to throw it in the back seat of your Yugo unprotected, are you? Of course not, now that you’re reading about the variety of options available from Calzone Case Co.

Calzone builds custom cases and racks by the hundreds for the biggest touring acts in America as well as one-off creations for independent artists like yourselves. Calzone and Anvil Case Company are one in the same, with Anvil-branded cases made in City of Industry California, while the Calzone-branded cases are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Bridgeport, Connecticut and a second facility in Dallas, Texas.

We ordered two cases for recently reviewed amp heads that we had to add to our permanent collection. For our Friedman BE100 and Mesa/Boogie Mark Five, an investment in pro-quality cases was a no-brainer. And having used the cases for a few months now (gigging almost weekly with these amps), we are glad we took the plunge. The amps look just as new as the day we purchased them, and there’s barely a mark on the cases.

Calzone Case Co. doesn’t fool around when it comes to materials or construction, with a wide range of options based on a balance of performance, weight, and cost. We selected quarter-inch plywood for case material, as we’re mainly focused on local and regional gigs. Our cases aren’t going to be bumped around in cargo holds or tractor-trailers. For touring at that level, three eighths and half-inch plywood are worthwhile options.

Calzone has a patented, double-angle construction technique that contributes to their cases being so well put together. Not all cases and racks withstand the test of time due to inferior (basic) construction techniques. Members of our editorial team have twenty-years-old Calzone cases that show no signs of weakening structure or fatigue, a testament to their build quality.

The plywood is covered in black ABS laminate by default, but numerous colors are available so that your case can best reflect your personality. Stenciling is included free of charge for every case (silkscreen is optional, at a cost). Large ball corners assure each of our cases stay as reliable and unscathed from physical damage as possible, and large butterfly latches swing up to easily remove the lids as needed. The cases are built to order and lined with foam to fit our specific amps perfectly.

After ordering our Friedman head’s case, we realized just how heavy the amp in the case can be. So for our Mesa/Boogie, we chose to include Calzone’s EZ Haul option, which is essentially a luggage handle and wheels built into the case. With the weight of the head and the case together, extending the telescoping handle, locking it in place and balancing the case on its two wheels makes our amp feel practically weightless. Another benefit—just like with a suitcase, is that we can (and often do) stack other cases and small items on top of the amp to simplify our load-in at gigs. We are planning to bring the Friedman case back to Calzone for a retrofit—it’s such a essential upgrade!

Customer service and attention to detail at Calzone is second to none. Call them and they’ll talk to you. They’ll respond to emails. And they’ll build exactly what you need. A limited lifetime warranty is included with their cases.

The Calzone Escort Case (MSRP $570 as ordered without the EZ Haul system) sells for approximately $300. The Calzone Escort Case as ordered for our Mesa/Boogie (MSRP $858) sells for approximately $450. Calzone offers local pick up from their Bridgeport, CT location to avoid unnecessary shipping costs.

If you’ve got pro gear that you want to protect, don’t skimp on the protection. Calzone may not be as cheap as some Chinese-made knock-offs, but when it comes to protecting your gear, you really do get what you pay for.

Want to sweeten the deal? Calzone has a tasty discount for readers! Order a custom amp head case with the EZ Haul option and receive a 10% discount! Just mention discount code MP10.

Built-in handle and wheels makes moving your heavy tube amp a breeze.

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