Introducing BC208 portable bass cabinet

Introducing BC208

Portable and powerful 2 x 8'' bass cabinet

BC208 is a tight-sounding, compact bass cabinet with 200 watts of low-end punch, making it ideal for small venue gigs and rehearsal spaces, as well as the recording studio.
It’s perfect for clear, focused bass tones, and its practical form factor makes BC208 as easy on your back as it is on your bank account.

Featuring a pair of powerful 8" custom-engineered drivers, BC208 produces clear and focused bass tones with an immediate response and super-tight feel.

BC208 is built from hard plywood covered in a tough, anti-skid material, keeping your setup safe and grounded to the stage.

The front is finished with a heavy-duty metal grille, shielding the drivers from on-stage antics – and the occasional overly enthusiastic roadie.

Price: 299.99 $ MAP
Available: Q4 2018


  • Lightweight 200 W performance
  • 2 custom-designed 8'' speaker units voiced for deep, focused bass tones
  • Easily stackable
  • Rugged & roadworthy build