Acoustic Geometry Pro Room and Home Room Packs Widely Available to the Retail Markets

Acoustical Product Offerings Can be Purchased At Best Buy’s Magnolia Home Theater Locations

CHASKA, MN, FEBRUARY 28, 2019–In order to increase exposure within the retail markets, Acoustic Geometry™ is reinvigorating its availability of its Pro Room Pack and Home Room Pack solutions, available at Best Buy’s Magnolia Home Theater locations. The company’s Pro Room Packs are a unique set of acoustical products aimed at the professional audio market while the Home Room Packs are a cost-effective grouping of acoustical products designed for residential audio spaces.

“We’re excited to strengthen Acoustic Geometry’s presence in the retail market space through the Pro Room and Home Room Pack solutions,” says John Calder, director of retail sales, Acoustic Geometry. “Each set offers balanced room audio treatments ideal for all applicable settings, be it a home theater or high-end recording studio. No matter the environment, all rooms will not only have improved sound, but will now also include a visually appealing design element. The Pro Room Packs recently received a “Product of the Year” award from one of the industry’s leading media outlets. We’ve had great feedback on both sets of solutions and hope to continue to build upon that success with an increased presence in the retail market.”

Pro Room Packs
Delivering professional-level acoustical performance at four cost-saving price points, Acoustic Geometry’s Pro Room Packs provide convenient and well-balanced room treatment solutions. These highly-effective groups combine phase-coherent diffusion, proven low-frequency room mode mitigation and broadband sound absorption. Pro Room Packs offer audio professionals and serious audiophiles with a combination of proven acoustical products, which will greatly benefit nearly all audio spaces, including recording studios, audio post-production rooms, high-end two-channel listening rooms and dedicated home theaters.

Pro Room Packs are available in six ‘ship-from-stock’ fabric color options and 23 additional colors requiring a bit longer lead time. Colors range from the most popular, Onyx and Birch, to unique color textures such as Beach Glass and Sandy Pebble. Available as Pro Room Packs 6, 8, 10 and 12, all packages include Fabric-Wrapped Panels and Ceiling Clouds (absorbers), Curve Diffusors, CornerSorbers™and a complete set of mounting hardware.

Home Room Packs
A cost-effective grouping of acoustical products designed for residential audio spaces, Acoustic Geometry’s Home Room Packs deliver improved acoustical performance at affordable price points. The Home Room Packs were designed to address a range of common residential acoustical challenges. This includes reducing echo and reverberation in small spaces(Pack 1 or 2) or combining broadband sound absorption with industry-leading phase-coherent diffusion(Packs 3, 4 or 5).

Room Pack 1 includes a set of six Fabric-Wrapped Panel sound absorbers that improve the sound of smaller rooms, such as family rooms, dens or libraries. Pack 2’s four additional larger and thicker Fabric-Wrapped Panel absorbers make it ideal for controlling sound in small home theaters and medium-size media rooms.

The small Curve Diffusors included in Packs 3 and 4 evenly scatter sound energy, which results in an evenly-distributed sound-field that will greatly benefit medium to large theaters, listening rooms and home studios. Home Room Pack 5 includes medium and small Curve Diffusors, making it a great value for larger home theaters, listening rooms and home recording studios applications.

These five product packages are a visually-elegant option for any room in the home, with two ‘ship-from-stock’ fabric color options, Serengeti or Graphite. Just like the Pro Room Packs, other basic fabric colors will have a slightly longer lead time.

Mounting hardware is included for all products in every Home and Pro Room Pack.

About Acoustic Geometry
Acoustic Geometry offers innovative, effective, and affordable acoustic and noise-control products for a wide range of professional audio, residential, and business applications. Acoustic Geometry’s best-in-class products will improve the sound of any room. To simplify the creation of natural-sounding acoustic spaces, please visit Videos are available on the Acoustic Geometry YouTube Channel (