Rob Papen releases RP-Reverse - A creative FX for Sonic Explorers

Today sees the release of the latest Rob Papen plug in - RP-Reverse an FX plugin for the creative minded artists!

RP-Reverse reverses the incoming audio in a creative way, the resulting audio can be tempo synced to make it easily fit the reversed sound right into your track. With RP-Reverse it is possible to trigger the recording of the audio (which is reversed) in various ways to which you can read about further on in the manual.  In true Rob Papen style, it’s not just about the main feature, on the reversed signal you can also add distortion, two Analogue Modelled Filters or a Comb Filter.  On top of this you will also find a handy LFO to modulate the reversed audio and the Filters.

Whilst using RP-Reverse in the creative process, Rob Papen kept in mind that you might like to fade in/out the reversed sound or use a mute button.  The top section therefore has a separate volume dial for the reversed audio and a separate mute button to make it easy to automate these functions in your music host program.

In summary, RP-Reverse is unique creative audio processing plugin which can be used to add flavour and depth to your drum-loops, vocals or instruments, and for adding that fresh new effect to your music.

RP-Reverse is part of the Rob Papen eXplorer 5 Bundle which is an essential purchase for any contemporary music producer as contains the complete Rob Papen Virtual Instrument and Effects Plugin collection in one package.

This unique creative tool is available for only £33.95 inc/€39.00 inc/$39.00!

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