Introducing Icon Series Legacy Native plugins - with optional hardware controllers

Adopted by thousands of users, the TC ICON series of hardware-controlled plugins have helped musicians and audio engineers take their music making and sound design to the next level.

Optional hardware controllers
Today TC Electronic is making these premium effect plugins available as standalone native plugins.

The new Icon Series Legacy Native plugins give new users the option of obtaining the legendary tone without being tied to the dedicated hardware controllers.

DVR250 Native, TC2290 Native, TC8210 Native and TC1210 Native will be available both individually and as a bundle, and will be sold with a limited time discount from TC Electronic webstore,

Launch price, DVR 250 NATIVE*
US$ 159 (reg. $199)

Launch price, TC2290 NATIVE*
US$ 159 (reg. $199)

Launch price, TC8210 NATIVE*
US$ 55 (reg. $69)

Launch price, TC1210 NATIVE*
US$ 79 (reg. $99)

Launch price, Icon Series Legacy Native Bundle*
US$ 319 (reg. $399)
* All prices are plus VAT where applicable.