PreSonus Eris E7 XT Joins the Family

Baton Rouge, Louisiana—February 2020… Once upon a time, there was a family of Eris who lived at PreSonus down on the Louisiana bayou. There was a great big Eris named E8 XT; a middle-sized Eris named E7 XT, who just recently joined the family; and the cher petite E5 XT. The Eris family also had two sets of nearly identical twins: Eris E4.5 and E4.5 BT and Eris E3.5 and E3.5 BT. (The Eris family included two cousins, E44 and E66, but that’s a story for another night.) Over the years, the Eris family became very popular on the bayou and far beyond, and for good reasons.

Eris E8 XT is very powerful indeed, and his 8-inch woven composite woofer and large size results in a deep rich voice that reaches all the way down to 35 Hz. His voice is best appreciated in a moderately large studio space for those that appreciate a big bass sound. Eris E5 XT, with his 5-inch woofer, sounds great in smaller spaces, such as bedroom studios, but his voice doesn’t reach as low as the mighty E8 XT, and he might be too small to fill large studio spaces.

The newest member of the family, Eris E7 XT, is just right for moderate-size and some mid-large studio spaces. With her 7-inch woofer and 1.25-inch silk dome tweeter, E7 XT’s voice is significantly more powerful and richer than that of the smaller Eris family members, though not quite as deep as the E8 XT’s. Featuring the same 140W of Class AB biamped power as the E8 XT, the E7 XT can deliver tight, focused bass down to 42 Hz despite her compact form factor. And just like the E8 XT and E5 XT, Eris E7 XT is equipped with PreSonus’ custom Elliptically Boundary Modeled waveguide, which enables her to be clearly and accurately heard across a wide 100 degree “sweet spot” with a focused 60˚ in the vertical to minimize desk reflections and maximize performance.

Whether singing at the top in her range or hitting the low notes, Eris E7 XT always delivers the truth. If you need to bring an instrument up or down in a mix or your EQ’ing is off, she’ll let you know. Like the E8 XT and E5 XT, she is extremely flexible, offering acoustic tuning controls that enable you to adapt her voice to the room’s response and to placement close to walls or corners, and she accepts input via XLR, TRS, and RCA connections.

Eris E7 XT is available now at your favorite PreSonus dealer at an expected U.S. street price of $229.95 each. For more information

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