NEW NF 53 and Myles Kennedy Models Grow PRS Guitars’ Bolt-On Offerings

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) June 21, 2023 – PRS Guitars has announced two new models that boldly expand the company’s Bolt-On Series offerings and Narrowfield pickup platform: the PRS NF 53 and the (first-ever) Myles Kennedy signature model. Building on years of PRS’s careful study of pickup design and voicing, these models each feature new and unique versions of PRS’s Narrowfield pickups to bring two distinct voices alive.

PRS Narrowfield pickups were first introduced in 2011 and were revived in 2021 with the company’s Studio and Special Semi-Hollow models. Designed to sense a shorter section of string, PRS Narrowfields deliver thick single-coil sounds, with the benefits of noise cancelling humbuckers. Onto the new guitars!

The PRS NF 53

The PRS NF 53 is a powerful guitar that combines classic tones with modern design. Inspired by one of Paul Reed Smith’s vintage guitars from 1953, the PRS NF 53 combines a swamp ash body and 22-fret, 25.5” scale length bolt-on maple neck with maple fretboard with a special set of PRS Narrowfield pickups: Narrowfield DD (Deep Dish) pickups.

The new Narrowfield DD’s continue PRS’s proprietary Narrowfield pickup platform, but trade the Narrowfield’s traditional stairstep design for a mixed magnet/steel pole piece design and a slightly deeper bobbin, both of which help these pickups reach twangy, musical highs without losing too much bass and becoming anemic. Paired with a volume and tone control and 3-way blade pickup switch, the NF 53 allows players to easily dial in their sound.

“I am so pleased with the feedback from the artists who have played this guitar – everyone is telling us that we have something special here,” said Paul Reed Smith. “If you are a fan of this style and tone, the NF 53 will take you where you want to go. To me to have this kind of beautiful high end without the hum is game changing.”

Other features include a steel plate-style bridge, PRS vintage style tuners, and nickel hardware, which all work together to provide precise and reliable tuning stability while promoting sustain and powerful tone. Check out the full specifications and video for the PRS NF 53  here.

The PRS Myles Kennedy Signature Model

PRS Guitars is proud to finally release the Myles Kennedy signature model. Known for his work in Alter Bridge, Slash and the Conspirators, and his own solo recordings, Kennedy is an accomplished guitarist who brings blues and jazz style to rock guitar playing. This new signature model mirrors Kennedy’s rock sensibilities with a nod to historic designs. While the aesthetic may have players hearing chicken pickin’ in their heads – and this guitar can certainly reach twang territory – it is made to play like a rock machine.

“This guitar captures the spirit of my favorite older instruments. With that said, since we developed this guitar, most of my vintage instruments rarely see the light of day,” said Myles Kennedy.

The PRS Myles Kennedy signature guitar features a swamp ash body, a 22-fret, 25.5” scale length maple neck with maple fretboard, and two PRS Narrowfield MK pickups. The PRS Narrowfield MK pickups were carefully voiced to capture the courage of humbuckers and the spank of single coils. PRS Narrowfields provided the perfect starting point for this design, with their ability to deliver thick single-coils sounds without the hum. These pickups are paired with a 5-way blade switch and a push/pull tone control that acts as a preset tone roll-off, bringing down the higher frequencies on the treble pickup so you can dig in to the fullest.

“I watched Myles throughout his career alternate between humbucking and single coil sounds without giving anything up on either side. These pickups took us months to dial in, and I think they capture that balance that Myles mastered beautifully,” said Paul Reed Smith.

Other features include a PRS plate-style steel bridge, vintage-style locking tuners, bone nut, and Kennedy’s “Geometric Owl” logo from his “Ides of March” solo release, representing wisdom and adaptability. Check out the full specifications and video for the PRS Myles Kennedy signature model here.

Both of these new models are designed to take PRS Guitars to new places. “For years, artists have been asking us for a guitar of this style and tone that they can trust has PRS quality and reliability. I am so pleased to have two options now that players of all levels can use,” said Bev Fowler, PRS Director of Artist Relations.

For full specifications, demo videos, and more please visit and PRS Guitars’ YouTube channel, and follow @prsguitars on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to stay tuned into the latest news.

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Paul Reed Smith Guitars is a leading manufacturer of high-quality instruments in Stevensville, Maryland and has provided some of the world’s most renowned musicians with instruments since 1985. The PRS team of highly skilled craftspeople design and build a wide variety of musical instruments and gear for worldwide distribution, including electric, acoustic, and bass guitars as well as boutique-style guitar amplifiers and effects pedals. The PRS SE Series complements the Maryland-made PRS line by offering highly approachable and more affordable electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. Carlos Santana, Mark Tremonti, John Mayer, Jimmy Herring, Myles Kennedy, Zach Myers, Mark Holcomb, Tim Pierce, Orianthi, David Grissom, Mark Lettieri, and Rhonda Smith are among the artists currently playing PRS instruments and/or amplifiers.

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