Free lifetime license for Torpedo Wall of Sound

Two notes Audio Engineering announce that the Torpedo Wall of Sound plug-in is now available with a free lifetime license until April 30th 2020.

This powerful plug-in is the flagship digital platform from Two notes Audio Engineering - it comes with two free virtual cabinets (4x12” modeled on the Slash signature Marshall and a 2x12” modeled on a HiWatt with Fane speakers) with the option to audition and purchase from a library of over 300 extra cabinets from the ‘La Boutique’ store.

The Wall of Sound comes with 8 virtual power amp emulators, powerful on-board EQ, ‘overload’ (speaker cone distortion) emulator and 8 reverb/room emulations. Each cab comes with a dedicated collection of 8 microphones.

The cabinet can be mic’d in thousands of positions at the front or the rear, from close to far, and on or off-axis – this level of control separates the Two notes Audio Engineering ecosystem from other static Impulse Response loaders.

The ‘La Boutique’ library has official virtual cabinets modeled on and authorized by such esteemed companies as MESA/Boogie, Fortin, Celestion, Orange, ENGL and many more... each of these is modeled by the extended Two notes Audio Engineering team around the world.

The Wall of Sound was previously only available on a 30-day evaluation license and was only extended once an additional cabinet had been purchased.

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