LARGO Synthesizer by Waldorf on sale, available for 83% off until July 5th, 2020

Waldorf is geared up and ready for the next limited time offer (Deal 2) which is now live. This deal features LARGO by Waldorf.

This soft synth is Waldorf’s response to constant requests for a full blown Walford Synthesizer in a software plugin package, and it delivers.


Featuring three ultra phat oscillators, two of which feature a sub oscillator for huge, deep bass, Largo offers analog wave forms (saw, sine, triangle, pulse) as well as a selection of wave forms from the PPG and Waldorf Wave synthesizers for more versatility.

Waldorf takes great pride in offering you the absolute best filters in the world, and you’ll be able to hear the difference whether it’s a low pass, high bass, notch, or comb, they spared no expense when crafting this software synth.

Adding some drive to the sounds gives you rich harmonics and graininess that are perfect for both modern and classic music, from EDM to cinematic and beyond. Everything in this synth is laid out for easy access, from the LFOs to the Mod Matrix, to the built in effects such as delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, and reverb.

Starting with the presets is a good way to learn how the synth works, then add some drive, or run your sound through the arpeggiator to get sequences and arps and make it your own.

Originally $174, LARGO will be available for just $29.99 from today until July 5th 2020.

You can purchase LARGO Here

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