ddrum Announces Mercury Double Bass Drum Pedal with Simple, Functional Elegance

TAMPA, FL — ddrum announces the Mercury Double Bass Drum Pedal, which exudes simple elegance in design. This lightning-fast double chain drive pedal is what a bass drum pedal should be, offering extreme durability matched by functional aesthetics. The liquid-smooth bearings and hemispherical cam allow for any style of playing, from feather-light intricacy to the most full-on, aggressive attack. Whether the player is new to double pedal technique or looking to upgrade their current setup, the Mercury Double Bass Drum Pedal is an excellent addition to any standard kit.
Just like the most dynamic bass drum parts in music, it’s the details that make a noticeable difference. ddrum’s extra heavy-duty Mercury hardware line is precision-cast using the toughest alloys for consistent, reliable, performance and rugged built-for-the-road durability. The new Mercury Double Bass Drum Pedal follows suit with its double-chain-driven design equipped with a toothless, aggressive cam that delivers tight response and versatility through a full range of playing styles. While it may be called the “slave unit,” the secondary pedal uses the same motion technology equal to that of the primary pedal. The ultra-quick response in both pedals is strong and smooth.

The Mercury Double Bass Drum Pedal includes two-way felt/plastic beaters that will stand the test of time. The subtly textured footboard and heel plate are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functionally effective, as the detailed Art Deco surfaces provide superb friction. The aluminum universal joint connecting the two pedals can be set up and tightened effortlessly with a standard drum key, and the black base provides excellent stability. Overall, the low-mass design of the Mercury Double Bass Drum Pedal allows for easy road travel.

ddrum offers the premium-quality Mercury Double Bass Drum Pedal at an affordable street price of $349.00. Learn more and get a closer look at www.ddrum.com