Godlyke announces Cicognani SexyBoost2 tube booster pedal

Godlyke, Inc. is excited to announce the release of the SexyBoost2 from Cicognani Engineering. Designed by the "Guru" Guglielmo Cicognani, the SexyBoost2 is an analog, tube-driven booster pedal that is perfect for pushing the front-end of a tub amp or as a level booster in a loop.

The SexyBoost2 circuit is centered around a 12AU7 preamp tube that provides maximum headroom and transparency. The pedal features two discreet, footswitchable channels. The first channel is a clean boost with max gain of +10 dB. The second channel is a dedicated midrange boost with a max gain of +8 dB. This channel is perfect as a lead boost to pop out of a mix.

A global Treble/Bass Cut control rounds out the SexyBoost2 and allows the user to fine tune the pedal's tone for use with a variety of amps.
The SexyBoost2 offers the following features:

- Tube Booster pedal based around 12AU7/ECC83 preamp tube.

- Clean Boost channel with -30 dB to +10 dB gain range.

- Mid Boost channel with -30 dB to +8 dB gain range.

- Global Treble/Bass Cut control for precise tone adjustment.

- Red/Green LED indicators for channel selection.

- True Bypass Switching.

- Hand-made in Italy.

- Street Price $279

For more information on the SexyBoost2, as well as other Cicognani products, visit www.godlyke.com.

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