Eplex7 releases Klerphonik polyphonic analog synthesizer

February 10th, 2022 - After last year's great success of the Klerhaim monophonic analog synthesizer (https://eplex7.com/klerhaim-n1-analog-vst-plugin-synthesizer/ ), that many users described as one of the most authentic emulations on the market, Eplex7 received many requests to produce a polyphonic synthesizer. They set to work hard and use their 17+ years of experience and virtual analog circuits technology to develop another analog synthesizer.

Now Eplex7 are introducing Klerphonik, polyphonic VST analog-emulated synthesizer, a brand new plugin instrument with world’s first time capsule technology.

No, Klerphonik is not only extended version / polyphonic version of Klerhaim N1! It is a brand new synthesizer with a completely different sound, color and extended options.

Klerphonik’s sound is different – more dynamic, more musical, subtle, more organic, colorful in the mids and highs, less bold and less saturated than Klerhaim N1.

However, Klerphonik is still very analog, dirty, colored and spontaneous.

Thanks to analog circuit emulations is its sound constantly alive and ever-evolving. If you are looking for a organic analog sound, the opposite of digital sterility, try the demo version. It is necessary to try the demo version for your own experience!

A world novelty are the so-called time-slot capsules and init presets. What is it?

As you probably know in case of real analog synthesizers, it can happen that the same model sounds different not only piece by piece, but for example a 30-year synthesizer sounds different from the same model made a year ago. It is because many electronic components age / grow old and change their sound.

Thanks to time-slots, you have at your disposal like 6 different-sounding synthesizers in one! Thus, a wide range of sound colors. As different age or brand of used components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, transformers affect the sound, the time-slot capsules do the same. Each time-capsule sounds differently, each has a different overall sound color, mid / treble color, different saturation level, boldness of sound, amount of higher harmonics, analog de-tuning etc.

Another specialty is the 4D Dimension analog chorus / flanger and a 14-bit digital vintage stereo expander which sounds completely different from regular choruses. The digital 14-bit stereo expander, modeled on 80’s devices, will also deliver original sound from early digital records and a very unique color / type of sound.

What is Virtual analog circuit technology?

“Basic code cannot behave like electricity in real analog circuits. That is the reason why we developed our own virtual circuit technology. We are emulating whole analog circuits, electronic components and modules of synthesizer + their behavior in various situations, noises, feedbacks, interfering signals etc”.

This technology was used also in our monophonic synthesizer Klerhaim N1 and Vintage Vacuum Tube VD76 plugin effect. (https://eplex7.com/vintage-vacuum-tube-vd76-plugin-effect-vst/)

In real analog synthesizer everything is moving, changing, modulating, living… analog synth is like living organism, nothing is static, electricity and circuits are in constant “chaos”. Analog oscillator waveforms are not precise, sharp and always the same like in digital synths – they are changing their shape, has noise, harmonics, ringing, modulating their tone / pitch, volume etc. Also output from oscillator module is saturated – not just output of whole synthesizer but output of every circuit / module – more volume of oscillator = more saturation and color. Analog envelopes (modulating filter, amp or pitch) are not linear like in digital synths. They are exponential and they are changing their shape in time / different with every different note. Include some noise and harmonics too, peaks / spikes are not digitally sharp but analogue round. Filters are creating small distortion / harmonics, they are not perfectly stable, values are changing 0,1%, include noise, output is saturated.

Simply everything is “living” in analog synthesizer because of laws of physics / electricity. Every note sounds little bit different, that is why analog sound rich, organic, warm, fat and like real instrument. We successfully emulated analog behavior, individual circuits and electronic components.

Top features:

– 2 analog type voltage controlled oscillators with saw, triangle, square, ramp, pulse 1, pulse 2 waveforms, volume control, octave selector, fine-tune control, lfo mod control, on / off switch (with complete analog emulation behavior like saturation, noise, harmonics, automatic pitch modulation / interference, etc.)

– Analog temperature control (emulation of circuit temperature – more temperature = more noise and interference signals)

– pink / white noise generator + on / off switch

– Analog exponential amp envelope with attack, decay, sustain, release controls and 7 different shapes of envelope for different sound / different type of modulation

– Analog exponential filter envelope with attack, decay, sustain, release controls and 7 different shapes of envelope for different sound / different type of modulation

– Voltage controlled low pass analog emulated filter with 12 / 24db slope and slope selector. With cutoff, emphasis, tracking and envelope mod. Controls

– 2x LFO (with saw, triangle, square, ramp, pulse waveforms) speed and depth control

– Output analog saturation

– Glide and pitchbend controls

– preset manager with 75 presets (leads, bass, pads, brass, stabs, acid, fx, special vintage sounds, keys)

– Time-slot capsules and init presets – these features are described in detail above.

– 4D Dimension analog chorus / flanger and a 14-bit digital vintage stereo expander – these features are described in detail above.

See video for better understanding the difference between digital and real analog synthesizer:


VST plugin / EXE standalone for Windows, x64bit / x32 bit

Product page / download demo version:


Price: 59 €. There is an introductory price for first 100 customers of: 29,90 €.

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