SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA (APRIL 26, 2022) –– Today Ernie Ball Music Man is proud to launch the latest installment in the Joe Dart artist series signature bass collection: The Joe Dart II. In the words of the groundbreaking player himself: it’s truly “the ultimate live axe.”

“The design aim was for high speed, smooth playability on the neck, and a deep, rich Music Man tone from the pickups, all on an old-school passive bass,” Joe continues. “I think we nailed it, and I think I’ll be playing it on stage for years to come.” Joe Dart II LogoThe Dart II features a premium ash body, select maple neck, and passive split-coil pickups at the heart of its warm, punchy tonality. Dual volume controls are standard, but there are no tone controls to color the sound; therefore, the tone is manipulated solely by the user's technique and finesse. Finished in Natural Velvet, it comes with 22 frets and a custom artist series neckplate and is tuned to E standard with custom gauge .045 - .105" Ernie Ball stainless steel round wound bass strings.

Joe Dart II HighlightThe first 100 Joe Dart II basses will ship with a limited edition premium G&G case, numbered neckplate, and a signed certificate of authenticity.

    • Select Ash body / Natural Velvet finish
    • Custom made Music Man "60's" style single-coil pickups with Alnico 5 magnets
    • EBMM proprietary split-coil design pickups for quiet, hum-free operation.
    • Dual volume controls (one for each pickup)
    • Oil and wax finished maple neck
    • Custom Joe Dart artist series neck plate

The Joe Dart II is available for purchase exclusively from the Ernie Ball Music Man Vault.

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