Introducing BQ250 & BQ500 bass heads

Powerful, portable, and practical bass heads

The BQ-series is a revolution in portable bass amplification, packing more bang for the buck into an ultra-lightweight micro bass head than a warehouse full of discounted fireworks!
At 250 and 500 watts respectively the two BQ heads provide bare-bones bass power for the stage, the club gig or the home studio.

The MOSFET preamp and a custom-designed 4-band EQ provide a tremendous tonal palette and realistic tube-like sound and feel.

The built-in Thrust compressor circuit allows a wide range of dynamic expressions, making the BQ series ideal for any playing style.

Made for the pragmatic bass player who wants a versatile no-nonsense rig, the BQ amps feature a headphone output and an AUX input, to let bassists groove along to their favorite tracks without waking the neighbors.

Learn more about BQ250 and BQ500!

Available early Q4 2018

BQ250: 199.99 $ MAP

BQ500: 249.99 $ MAP

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