SOLAR GUITARS Announces New Signature Bass for Jonas Björler from At The Gates / The Haunted

The AB1.4JB excels with heavy gain, especially through an overdriven amp for those roaring, sludgy Swedish death metal bass lines. Straightforward in approach with passive electronics, the Seymour Duncan USA Quarter Pounders rival any active pickup in terms of power and output while growling with an unbeatable tone.
AB1.4JB: 1499€ (EU) / 1399$ (INTL): Available in Black Open Pore Matte finish
Specifications: 4 string Type A bass (bolt on neck) – Swamp Ash body – 5 piece maple / jatoba neck (thin C profile) with ebony fingerboard – 34” scale - 24 stainless steel frets – Solar tuners – Hipshot bridge  – Seymour Duncan USA Quarter Pounder high power pickups – 1 volume , 1 pickup balance, 1 tone.
The new studio album “Astral Forthress” from the legendary Darkthrone is due for release on 28 October 2022 through Peaceville records.

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