Two Notes Audio Engineering ReVolt Guitar Amp Simulator Pedal

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Two Notes Audio Engineering is no stranger to delivering innovative solutions across the guitar tone landscape. From their first product release, the Torpedo VB 101, the company has sought to design unique and innovative ways to simply play or record your guitar in a variety of situations and assure it always sounds great. Our live rigs often cannot be our home rigs and vice versa. Plugging in a 100W amp at home isn’t always a viable solution, nor is plugging the same amp in live. In the ever-growing world of preamp (digital or otherwise) solutions, new products need to innovate as much as emulate in order to be relevant and marketable. A centerpiece for your guitar tone in 2023 must sound great and have modern, desirable features, or it will be destined to languish without an audience.

With the ReVolt Guitar Amp Simulator, Two Notes once again delivers an innovative solution for home and gigging guitarists alike. We found this pedal to be amp-like at times, while sounding and feeling more like a preamp at others. This is not a bad thing at all. Given the popularity of legendary preamps like the ADA MP1, the Marshall JMP1 and the Mesa/Boogie Triaxis, being a preamp is actually a leg up for players interested in solutions they can pair with desired power amps.

It's priced well for the feature set, and is definitely worth your consideration if you’re looking for an amp or preamp you can stick in a gig bag or install on your pedalboard.


The Two Notes ReVolt Guitar Analog Amp Sim is a three-channel analog guitar preamp pedal that features a 12ax7preamp tube and a variety of analog and digital features. When used as an amp-in-a-pedal, you can take advantage of send and return jacks to place your other pedals in the post-EQ effects loop. Alternately, you can incorporate the ReVolt into a four-cable scenario to expand your preamp options in a larger rig where you want to use the Revolt to add a range of additional tones to an existing amp setup.

The output stage features both quarter-inch and XLR outs, making it a good solution to interface with studio gear or directly to a PA. The Revolt includes 3.5mm headphone and auxiliary in jacks. There is also built-in cabinet simulation as an output option when using the ReVolt as a complete amp replacement solution.
Channel One, American Clean, is a ‘70s-inspired vintage tube amp sound which pushes to the edge of breakup (or beyond with the available boost circuit). This channel features independent bass, treble, gain and volume control.

Channel two is titled British Crunch. This is a Plexi-inspired channel. Picking up in gain structure where Channel One leaves off, this channel highlights classic rock-inspired tones and mid-gain level leads. It features a shared bass, middle and treble tone circuit with Channel Three (like many guitar amps do) as well as independent gain and volume control.

 Channel Three is appropriately called Modern Lead. With its shared EQ section and independent gain and volume control, this channel aims to deliver a hard rock/heavy metal tone solution.
For more complex rigs, the ReVolt includes 1/8” MIDI input and output jacks. Channel on, off, boost and bypass can all be activated via MIDI.

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The Two Notes ReVolt Guitar Amp Simulator Pedal sells for $399.

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