Pro Stage Gear Pedaltrain Pro/SC - This is the board against which all others are now judged

If you like to use effect pedals, most likely you’ve made use of a pedalboard to hold your pedals. Many players build their own pedalboards from plywood, and numerous options are available for sale from various accessory product manufacturers. Many pro-level players we know have been using the Pedaltrain series of pedalboards from Pro Stage Gear, and after spending time with the large Pedaltrain Pro, we understand why these are the pedalboards for serious pedal setups.

Made from lightweight (but strong) aluminum, the 32” x 16” x 3” Pedaltrain Pro is significantly lighter in weight than an equivalent plywood pedalboard – only seven pounds before you load it up with music gear. The Pedaltrain Pro/SC that we tested comes with a lightweight and attractive soft case, while the more-costly Pro/HC comes with a hard case. The latter adds a hefty thirty-two pounds to the overall package, but the case has built-in wheels and a handle – perfect for the heavily gigging or touring musician.

There is much that we loved about the Pedaltrain Pro. After attaching the included two-inch wide strips of Velcro to the rails of the Pedaltrain (and cutting Velcro strips for the bottom of our pedals), it was a simple matter of deciding where to place our assortment of pedals on the large pedalboard.

Our Pedaltrain configured with plenty of room to spare... for more pedals!

Because there are large gaps between each of the four rows on the Pedaltrain, it was very easy to route power cords and connecting cables underneath the pedalboard, keeping our setup nice and tidy. Pro Stage Gear also includes a bundle of zip ties with the product, so securing our cables was further simplified.

The angle of the pedalboard is handy for more than just easy stomping. With a few careful cuts to remove part of the aluminum bracing underneath (fully described on the website at this link), a power supply such as the popular Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus can be mounted underneath so that it doesn’t take up any room on the pedalboard.

The Pedaltrain Pro/SC (MSRP $259.95) sells for $150 – a good price for such a nice pedalboard that includes a carrying case. For the less handy among you, Pro Stage Gear will perform the under-mounting power supply surgery – just ship them your pedalboard, power supply, and $50.

Really, there’s nothing not to love about the Pedaltrain Pro. And for those of you who don’t need a pedalboard this large, Pro Stage Gear also makes two other Pedaltrains in smaller sizes.

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