Paul Gilbert & Andy Timmons: The “We Didn’t Interview Them” Interview

Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons are guitarists who need no introduction to readers. This spring, Ibanez Guitars and Sam Ash Music held a special event featuring these two incredible players, during which time they interviewed each other! In case you wish that you were a fly on the wall, fear not. We’ve got the entire conversation on tap right here. Load up your favorite Andy Timmons Band or Paul Gilbert playlist, sit back, and enjoy. Or if you still sport a mullet, load up some Mr. Big and Danger Danger tunes…

The whole trick is to figure out where the notes are on guitar, then I can somehow play them.

Paul Gilbert: Before you ever touched a guitar, do you remember what kind of sound you wanted to make?

Andy Timmons: I remember that epiphany exactly. It was the guitar solo in “I Saw Her Standing There.” I just remember thinking, “This is my favorite part of the song and I don’t know why.”

I was born in ’63, and I had three older brothers. My oldest brother was 12 years older than I am. So he was buying records, and he bought literally every Beatles release, every British invasion record. I grew up with all the Beatles, Kinks and Yardbirds stuff. But, I do remember that moment of that part of the song, and hearing the reverb drenched guitar was really just exciting to me for whatever molecular reason that connects, who knows? But, clearly it still does for all of us players, you know?

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