Compact, pocket-sized adapter connects via XLR, converts mixers and powered speakers into wireless devices, free from cumbersome, restrictive cables

Cumberland, RI USA (January 31, 2017)—Alto Professional (, the world’s leading innovator for live performance sound reinforcement products, today announced the immediate availability of its new Bluetooth Total rechargeable Bluetooth® receiver. This compact device—trim enough to carry in your pocket—converts hard-wired mixers or powered loudspeakers into wireless devices, free from cumbersome, restrictive connection cables.

Bluetooth Total connects via its XLR connector. A fast, simple 2-step, 2-button arrangement makes pairing and wireless reception easy and positive. Now any hard-wired XLR-equipped system becomes wireless, with all the advantages of not having long hard-wired cable runs, and most importantly, no sacrifice of audio quality. For stereo or dual-speaker mono applications, users can easily link two Bluetooth Totals together to conveniently cover the listening space with larger, more impactful sound.BatPro_FrontBack_web

Bluetooth Total is the ideal solution for adding wireless connection to professional audio set-ups, and eliminating troublesome, hard-wired cabling for good.


  •   XLR-equipped rechargeable Bluetooth receiver
  •   Stream audio wirelessly to mixers or powered loudspeakers
  •   Bluetooth links two receivers for cable-free stereo playback
  •   USB port for charging or continuous AC power for fixed use
  •   Battery- or AC-powered (power adapter included)

    “Sometimes, it’s the small device or thoughtful accessory that makes the biggest difference,” said Pyotr Belov, Product Manager for Alto Professional. “That’s certainly the case with our new Bluetooth Total rechargeable Bluetooth receiver. You can hide it in your pocket, but it replaces all that messy, cumbersome wiring that used to clutter everything up. Now your set-ups are neat, fast and clean. People love this.”

    Bluetooth Total is available now. Retail price is $49.00.

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