Andy Timmons: Danger Danger

Why You Should Know Him

It is truly mind-blowing how so many of the artists on our list have evolved over the past two decades since their fame began, becoming some of the most respected musicians in the industry. This featured guitarist, Andy Timmons, is a perfect example of an artist who branched out musically over the years since his notoriety.

Timmons began his commercial music career as the lead guitarist for the Gold-record selling hair-metal band Danger Danger, but his interest in music began much earlier. Andy studied guitar formally at the University of Miami for two years, during which he developed a small following and first formed the Andy Timmons Band.

Oddly enough, it would be his passion for studio playing that would lead to Timmon’s emergence in the spotlight. Epic Records recording artist Danger Danger hired Timmons in 1988 to record some lead guitar work for their self-titled debut album. However, the band was so impressed by his musicianship that they hired him to replace departing guitarist Tony Rey (who is also one of our featured artists), just as the band began to receive some serious exposure and fame. Their 1989 debut album spawned two hits, “Naughty Naughty” and “Bang Bang,” with the former gaining a spot in MTV’s famous ‘80s heavy metal program, Headbanger’s Ball. The band went on tour opening for Kiss, Alice Cooper, Extreme, and Warrant. Timmons’ run with Danger Danger would mark the peak of his popularity, but certainly not the peak of his musical career.

After a four-year run with Danger Danger (and a few more recordings), Timmons retreated from the spotlight and returned to his hometown of Dallas to once again focus on his budding studio career, and a variety of other musical projects and collaborations for which he has gained much critical acclaim and notoriety.

Some of his projects include a partnership with Olivia Newton John as her musical director, amazing guitar playing on several progressive-tinged Kip Winger solo albums, and finally some amazing recording and live work with his Andy Timmons Band, for which he has established himself in the ‘10s as one of the most talented instrumental guitarists in rock.

It is safe to say that Timmons is as close as it comes to a guitar god, but he made our list because when he first lit up the music world, he was hardly noticed as anything more than just another typical shredder. Ha!

The Gear

Andy Timmons has been using and endorsing Ibanez Guitars since the late 80’s during his days with Danger Danger, the AT100CL and AT10P are his current signature models. Timmons has many different amps amongst his collection; most of them include Marshall, Fender, and Vox. He mainly relies on the Mesa Boogie Lonestar to give him a clean quality and beautiful lead tone.

Andy has gone through a number of pedals in his time as a musician, often experimenting and playing with new sounds. One very popular pedal he continues to use has been the JHS Andy Timmons Drive, a very versatile drive pedal that has three distinct voices, but does allow for your own feel and character to come through during playing.

Timmons explains during his days in Danger Danger that, “The Cockroach album was recorded with a combination of a Mesa Boogie Rectifier, ADA MP1 and Zoom, all combined together. An Ibanez twenty-four fret, two-humbucker custom guitar was used on most of the tracks and a jewel blue Ibanez that I took the Floyd off of and made it a string through body stop tailpiece guitar. This was also when I switched to using .010’s on all my guitars. My fingers were ripped to shreds!”

It seems that no matter what gear Timmons goes through, he always puts his best foot forward and tears it up, fingers or no.

Where Is He Now?

Timmons currently resides in Dallas, TX, where he continues to expand upon his solo career and work on new projects. He continues to play guitar both in the studio and for small gigs. A few years ago, he reunited with his fellow Danger Danger bandmates for a short reunion tour overseas in Europe and Japan, where he commands somewhat of a cult, rock-god following of musicians and fans.

In 2006, Timmons released the critically acclaimed instrumental Andy Timmons Band CD, Resolution. In 2011, he released an awesome instrumental tribute album, Andy Timmons Band Plays Sgt. Pepper.

In 2016, Timmons went on a successful tour with The Andy Timmons Band in Asia, performing nine hit shows from Seoul, Korea to Tokyo, Japan. With the ringing in of 2017, Timmons launched his very own instructional site that includes current photos and guitar tips from the man himself... and a new record from the Andy Timmons Band, Theme From a Perfect World!

Timmons is the type of guy who plays because he loves to play. Many who have met him have noted that he keeps his ego in check and is very kind and respectful of fellow musicians, and of the art of music as well. He expects a lot from himself, and he is always outdoing himself both personally and musically.

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Bonus Video! Highlights reel showing clips from Timmons' great 2006 live concert DVD, Live Resolution:

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