Circuit: the perfect companion to hardware

Novation Circuit

Circuit: the perfect companion to hardware

Circuit is a great electronic musical instrument based on two Novation Nova synth engines, four drum parts and a six-track, 16-step sequencer.

But it also sends and receives standard MIDI data, so other MIDI-compatible devices can be connected, other drum machines or grooveboxes synchronised with, or synths triggered, for example.

Circuits are able to be synced by using mini-jack cables to easily daisy–chain them together.

Novation has made connecting with other devices easy.

The breakout cables supplied are used to convert the two mini-jack sockets to the industry-standard five-pin DIN sockets.

No switching is required to allow Circuit to be slaved to a source of external MIDI clock. If a valid clock signal is detected, it will automatically be selected as the clock source.

A MIDI thru box might be required to connect a number of instruments to Circuit. See more below.

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