Waves Audio V10 (Version 10) Now Available

KNOXVILLE, TN, June 11, 2018 Waves Audio, the industry-leading developer of professional audio digital signal processing technologies, announces the availability of V10, the new version of Waves plugins. Users updating to V10 will benefit from future-proofing their sessions, ensure continued compatibility, enjoy plugin updates and full technical support, and receive new plugins when added to Waves premium bundles.

This year, Waves is celebrating not only 25 years of plugin innovation, but also 25 years of constant plugin updates and maintenance. Waves Audio is committed to ensuring that Waves plugins purchased five, 10, 15 or 25 years ago remain compatible with all major DAWs and operating systems, and that plugins purchased today will continue to be compatible in the future. Users who update to V10 will future-proof their sessions by ensuring that their projects remain compatible with all major systems going forward.

Waves V10 features:
  • Waves plugins added free of charge to Waves bundles covered under the Waves Update Plan
    • Electric Grand 80 Piano added to the Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Horizon, Broadcast & Production, Broadcast and Surround Suite, Sound Design Suite, and Mercury bundles.
    • Eddie Kramer Drum Channel added to the Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Horizon, Broadcast & Production, Broadcast and Surround Suite, and Sound Design Suite bundles.
  • Access to all plugin updates since the last major update to v9
  • Access to future plugin updates when covered under the Waves Update Plan
  • Bug fixes and plugin improvements
The V10 update is for plugins only. Waves applications (StudioRack, SoundGrid Studio, MultiRack, eMotion LV1) remain at their current versions.
To learn more about V10: www.waves.com/announcing-waves-V10.

To learn more about Waves Update Plan: https://www.waves.com/support/waves-update-plan.
To learn more about V10 bug fixes and plugin improvements: https://www.waves.com/downloads/release-notes.

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