UVI announces Devinity, a new Falcon expansion from electronic musician and sound designer Richard Devine

Paris, August 24th, 2018 - UVI releases Devinity, a new Falcon expansion from Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer Richard Devine, available now for $39 / 39€. One of the industry’s most recognizable figures, Richard has a profound love of sound and technology, writing and performing his own music and designing sound for many of the world’s most successful brands.

Devinity offers a rare chance to explore the potential of Falcon through Richard’s eyes and ears, delivering 120 patches showing off his unique style and approach to sound design. Richard digs deep into Falcon’s modulation system to mangle and manipulate effects and oscillators including FM, Wavetable, IRCAM Multi-Granular, Stretch and more, resulting in an exciting selection of modular sequences, animated sounds, bass, pads, FX, percussive sequences and more for you to use in your own music or sound design, or as inspirational starting points.

Devinity leverages the advanced synthesis capabilities and software architecture of Falcon, with 15 oscillators, over 80 effects and a fast and intuitive interface that easily handles both basic tasks and deep instrument design. All presets have been programmed with macros which provide the user with easy access to the key parameters of each patch. These may be controlled via MIDI, OSC, host automation and Lua scripting, allowing for easy customization and expressive performance capabilities.

Devinity requires UVI Falcon. Falcon offers native 64-bit operation as a stand-alone application and is available as a plug-in supporting all popular formats on both Mac and Windows. Devinity supports simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

Pricing and Availability:
Devinity is available immediately for $39 / 39€ from uvi.net

Additional Product Information:
Additional information on Devinity is available at: https://www.uvi.net/devinity