Audiaire’s Innovative Zone Synth Virtual Instrument Now Available!

Experience its powerful analogue-modelled oscillators and filters, unrivalled modulation sequencing, deep FX processing, 400+ presets and more for yourself

Price: £99/€119/$139

Available: Now

Audiaire – the latest corporate venture by industry veteran Sharooz Raoofi – is proud to announce the release of the groundbreaking Zone plugin, and its immediate availability for review.

Zone is a two-oscillator virtual synth in VST, AU and AAX formats. The analogue modelled oscillators boast all the staple subtractive waveforms, as well as 147 special single-cycle waves, plus the ability to import your own, and are accompanied by separate Sub and Noise oscillators. A selection of edgy oscillator modulation styles includes Jupiter-8-style Exponential FM, AM and ring mod, and no less than eight distortion types; while up to seven unison voices can be dialled in and spread out for huge stereo sounds.

The beating heart of Zone, however, is its powerful Parameter Sequencer, which turns the whole instrument into a sound design powerhouse of infinite capability by effortlessly enabling step sequencing of any and all controls – simply drag a knob onto a lane to make the assignment, then sequence it directly from the front panel. Numerous ‘lane’ and ‘global’ preset sequences are onboard, as is a randomize function for generating unique new shapes at a click; and there’s no limit to the number of lanes that can be active, each one running to its own independent host-synced clock across up to 32 steps. Note sequencing is also catered to, of course, with lanes for Pitch, Velocity and Gate time.

Add to that multiple filter modes at up to 48dB/octave roll-off; four insert FX with a choice of 20 FX modules (delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, compression, distortion, etc); two LFOs and two envelopes; an extensive eight-slot modulation matrix; eight drag-and-drop-assigned Macro knobs; a three-band EQ; a scalable one-window GUI and more than 400 categorised presets, and you have a clear contender for best new synth of the year.

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