Waves Audio Launches Chapter 2 of “From Demo To Master,” a Free Mixing and Production Course with GRAMMY®-Winning Producer/Mixer Dave Darlington

KNOXVILLE, TN, December 4, 2018 — On Wednesday, December 5, Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and leading maker of audio plugins for mixing, music production, mastering, sound design, broadcast, post-production and live sound, will launch chapter 2 (of 4) of “From Demo To Master,” a free mixing and production course including a live Q&A session with multiple GRAMMY®-winning producer/mixer Dave Darlington, available online.

Chapter 2 is titled “The Melody Is Everything: Vocals.” Darlington and special guest Greg Wells (Adele, Dua Lipa, The Greatest Showman Soundtrack, Keith Urban) will help viewers learn master-level tips on how to make any vocal recording more vibrant, polished and sparkling, with special attention to tuning, dynamics, equalization, and effects such as reverb and delay. Chapter 1, launched on November 28, was titled “Laying a Strong Foundation: Bass & Drums.”

In a career spanning four decades and over 1000 album credits, mixer, composer, musician and producer Dave Darlington, who owns and works out of Bass Hit Studios in New York City, has worked on hit songs and albums in a staggering range of genres – rock/pop, hip-hop, R&B, jazz, dance/electronic, and even classical. Few music makers can boast credits diverse enough to include everyone from Avicii to Herbie Hancock, David Guetta to Sting.

In this age of prevalent home and project studios, bedroom producers and independent mixers, there is no reason why a demo song shouldn’t become a well-produced, expertly mixed, fully polished master, regardless of your available budget. Whether you're a home producer, a musician mixing your own music, or a mix engineer looking to step up your game, this video course will enhance your ability to achieve your desired results.

This unique 4-part course offers free and unlimited access to all the sessions, over eight hours in total. Participants will be able to download original multitrack sessions, enabling them to follow along and practice. They will be receiving expert advice from Dave’s special guests Tony Maserati (Beyoncé), Jack Joseph Puig (Lady Gaga), Andrew Scheps (Metallica) and Greg Wells (Adele); participants will also be able to partake in a live Q&A session, where Dave will answer questions about the course material.

The course will cover the following topics:

- How to create a sonic vision for your song, no matter the genre
- How to make the most important decisions when mixing a pop, hip-hop or rock track
- How different mixing choices can impact the song’s overall feel
- How to give lead and backing vocals the power and polish they deserve
- How to get bass and drum tracks sitting tight and working together
- How to rethink the way you use harmonic instruments – synths, guitars, etc. – in your mix
- How to put the finishing touches that can make or break a song

To enroll and for course topics and schedule, visit www.waves.com/courses/demo-to-master.

Video: Free Mixing & Music Production Course – From Demo to Master: https://youtu.be/eArRNABWEQI

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