New G7th Performance 3 Capo with Adaptive Radius Technology

Peterborough, UK. January 2019

You’re all very likely to be familiar with guitar capos and their pros, cons, and the claims of capo manufacturers… but the creative minds at G7th have been busy. Following the success and acclaim of the Heritage capo, specifically the Adaptive Radius Technology (ART), we are extremely proud and excited to present the new Performance 3 Capo with ART.

The revolutionary ART active string pad mechanism infinitely adapts to match the radius over the strings on any guitar perfectly, delivering unrivalled tuning stability by applying even pressure across all the strings. Coupled with the unique tension control system on the Performance range, this gives a near-perfect experience without any of the problems associated with capos in the past.

Capos have one main purpose – to hold down your strings without any buzzing. Most of the capos on the market manage that, but not without creating tuning problems. Guitarists have just had to deal with it until we released the Heritage capo. Now, Adaptive Radius Technology is available on a mass market capo and no guitarist should have to suffer from capo issues again.” - Nick Campling, G7th Designer and Chairman

The Performance 3 capos will be available in our iconic Silver finish, Satin Black and 18kt Gold Plate, and come with our Free Lifetime Warranty as standard. They will be ready for distributors to order at the NAMM Show (Booth 5215, Davitt & Hanser), with an official launch date of March 1st.

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