Tech 21 Introduces a New Power Engine, the Deuce Deluxe for Guitar and Bass

The Power Engine Deuce Deluxe is a pumped-up version of Tech 21’s former Power Engine 60, which was introduced back in 2001. Tech 21’s original concept for a FRFR speaker cabinet specifically designed for guitar and bass evolved from an overwhelming amount of inquiries as to which amp would be best to use with a SansAmp. Enter the light bulb.

Fast forward to today, this new version consolidates a feature set that can be used for both guitar and bass. The handsome 1x12 rear-ported cabinet is capable of delivering 200 Watts of transparent power with convenient, onboard 3-band, active EQ controls to compensate for challenging venues. Other new features include low and high pass filters, defeatable tweeter, an extension speaker output, headphone output, auxiliary input, and worldwide power supply.

You can use the Power Engine Deuce Deluxe with any direct recording device or pre-amp --analog or digital, tube or solid state --from any manufacturer. You can take your Fly Rig/SansAmp or preamp gizmo du jour, with all those great direct sounds you’ve spent so much time creating, out to a gig and simply plug into the Power Engine Deuce Deluxe. It will amplify all your personal settings without giving you any additional tone. So there's no need to labor over readjusting all your parameters that would otherwise be colored by a conventional amp.

An optional 1x12 extension speaker cabinet, Model EX112, is an excellent complement for both the Power Engine Deuce Deluxe and their VT Bass 200 combo amp. Under 25 lbs, it is available with a black grille to match the Power Engine or blue to match the VT Bass 200.

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