Joe Satriani joins IK Multimedia's family of artists

Iconic guitarist endorses AmpliTube and AXE I/O, with future collaborations coming soon

April 18, 2019 - IK Multimedia is proud to welcome legendary guitarist Joe Satriani to its family of artists. A long-time IK user, Satriani enthuses, "I'm happy to be working with IK Multimedia. I've used AmpliTube software at home, in the studio and on several albums. And now, the AXE I/O ups my game in the studio", referring to IK's new audio interface which offers a wealth of powerful features for the recording guitarist.

In the video below, Satriani explains some of his recording philosophy, the importance of finding just the right tone for a particular recording, and some ways tools like AXE I/O and AmpliTube can help make the recording process much more productive and satisfying.

Joe Satriani and AXE I/O - Video:

Satriani shares his thoughts on digital recording and how AXE I/O can play an important role, noting, "When I saw this, I thought 'oh wow this is great. I know exactly how I'm going to use this.' What guitar players really want is to see a clear place to plug in. They want control over the gain of the input and the nature of the input in itself. This [AXE I/O] is actually affording the guitar player all those things and you've got those extra controls that you can play with the impedance in a way that would mimic the difference between a vintage strat and a brand new guitar."

IK is excited to partner with Satriani, first on a series of videos sharing Joe's extensive expertise in recording guitar, and later on more formal collaborations to help guitarists get the most out of their playing & recording experience. The addition of Satriani further expands a roster of guitar icons that includes Slash, Dimebag Darrell and Jimi Hendrix, as well as legendary brand partners like Fender®, Ampeg®, Mesa/Boogie®, Orange® and more, that make IK's AmpliTube brand unique in the industry.

Inspired by the new relationship and Satriani's personal recording process, IK Multimedia also announces a firmware update to AXE I/O, improving its onboard Amp Out feature that eliminates the need for a DI box during the re-amplification process. For a more convenient experience for guitarists, AXE I/O's software control panel now features a "To Amp Out" button that routes the Instrument Input 1 directly to the Amp Out with zero latency so guitarists can easily record both a clean DI signal and their amplifier simultaneously, without the need for splitters or other external gear.

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