Major performance upgrades come to Novation SL MkIII range

The v1.4 firmware update for Novation’s flagship SL MkIII range of controller keyboards brings immense new composition and performance features, which greatly expand its capabilities. 

The new features give SL MkIII users expanded arpeggiators, new sequencer functions, deeper swing control, and creative transposition features. All the new features are designed intentionally to bring greater creative flexibility and possibilities to the SL MkIII user, and to be a constant source of inspiration throughout the music-making journey.

Check out v1.4 in action:


The new features, in detail, are:

Per-part arpeggiator 
Each of the eight parts now have individual, independent arpeggiators, for building complex polyrhythmic patterns.

Arpeggiator probability 
The new arpeggiator probability feature brings an element of randomness to each arpeggiator, turning SL MkIII into a generative and constantly evolving instrument.

Step probability 
The probability of a programmed step can be altered, bringing creative irregularity and extending the musical palette of the SL MkIII.

Sequencer transpose (with pads) 
The SL MkIII’s pads can now be used to make sequencer transposition a powerful performance tool.

Pattern octave transpose 
Allows patterns to be transposed across the octave range, to find the perfect pitch, and experiment with ideas.

Toggle swing per-part 
With swing on or off per part, it’s possible to build contrasting layers of groove for more complex rhythmic results.

Pattern shift 
Now it's possible to quickly offset the start and end points of a pattern together to explore variations and manage sequences.

Pitch bend to CV 
The pitch-bend wheel can now be mapped to the CV output, opening up more expression possibilities for modular synth users and other external hardware control applications.

In addition to the new performance features, v1.4 includes some bug fixes — including one for Logic Pro users — which improve the SL MkIII experience.

The v1.4 firmware update is dowloaded from Novation Components

To download the v1.4 firmware update for the SL MkIII range of MIDI keyboard controllers, click HERE, and navigate to SL MkIII

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