Cadenza Strings, A full strings section virtual instrument powered by Hybrid Modeling technology, released by Sound Magic

Sound MagicANAHEIM, CA, USA: Cutting-edge audio technologies developer Sound Magic is proud to announce availability of Cadenza Strings — its latest hybrid modelling virtual instrument for Mac (AU 32-/64-bit, VST 32-/64-bit) and Windows (VST 32-/64-bit), featuring a Full String Section powered by the latest Neo Orchestra Hybrid Modelling Engine. — as of July 10th, 2020.

Cadenza Strings recorded as a full symphony string section, which features 40 players, 16 violins, 12 violas, 8 cello and 4 basses; all handpicked session musicians who appears in New York Premium recording studios. This Library features rich, open and full string sound by using the best recording gears available today including Neumann Vintage Microphones, Prism AD/DA and SSL 9000K. Cadenza Strings also including Cadenza Violin as its First Chair Violin.

To capture the string section in great details, Sound Magic not only use 32Bit/192KHz to record the samples which keeps the original sound in maximum freshness and liveness, but also using different microphone perspective that will give musician more freedom in shaping final sound.

It’s this sound that leads Sound Magic to expand its Modeling Legato technology to bring musicians even more creative musical freedom. It is capable of supporting any technique, patches, or articulations with more control over the parametric. This allows musicians to manipulate shapes and sound variety in real time with smoother transitions between notes than a sampled legato.

Hybrid Vibrato and Tremolo achieves more authentic sounds from sampling without sacrificing creative control. For perspective, this means starting with non-vibrato and then fading in vibrato sustain while changing depth and speed. Or, users can also change Tremolo speed in real time while optimize control or to leverage human behaviors in the vibrato for enhanced realism in the final version.

Sound Magic have also made it possible to finish all techniques on a single track with Performance Keyswitch System that allows Cadenza Strings to be used in live performances without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Watch Sound Magic’s informative Cadenza Strings Demo/Feature Walkthrough Video here:


Cadenza Strings offers far more sound-shaping options than a sampling instrument with five bands parametric EQ and more control over the harmonic partial sounds. This means you can quickly change timbre with a simple turn of a knob or tune every single note with the Scala tuning system.

Pricing and Availabilty: Cadenza Strings has a MSRP as $499, now has introduction offer as $299 until October 10th, 2020. Cadenza Strings is available to purchase online directly via Sound Magic Co., Ltd for $299.00 USD from here:
For more in-depth information, including video and demo demos, please visit the dedicated Cadenza Strings product page here:

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