Innovative Generator MKIII Series Guitar Amplifiers announced by Revv

The World’s First Stereo-Direct-Output Reactive Load & Impulse Response Amplifiers - Revv is Back for the Attack with Generator MKIII Series

Winnipeg, Manitoba – November 9, 2020 –
Redefining the award-winning Canadian high-gain titans. The Revv Generator MKIII Series took 4 years of research & development based on feedback from world-class touring artists, session guitarists, & audio engineers.Watch the debut video here:

Featuring a plethora of tonal updates, all-new noise gate & digital reverb, & integrating advanced Two notes Audio Engineering virtual cabinet & reactive load technology, Revv Amplification is committed to bringing you the most complete amplifier experience available.

Revv’s MKIII Series 120 & 100 watt heads are available as the Generator 120 with all 4 channels, or the 100P & 100R, which each feature a single high gain channel.

Top to Bottom: MKIII Series 120, 100P, and 100R (not to scale).

The Generator MKIII Series features:
Go Direct with Two notes Torpedo embedded Stereo XLR Output
Utilize Virtual Cabs & Mics, Twin Tracker Stereo Doubler, Reverbs, & More
4 All-Tube Independent-EQ Multi-Voice Channels Take Your Tone from Clean to Scream
4 Channel Generator 120. Available as 3 Independent EQ Channel 100P & 100R Models
Updated High Gain Purple & Red Channel Voicings & New Cut Switch
New Clean Blue Channel Wide Switch & 3 Crunch Green Channel Drive Modes
Built-in State-of-the-Art Noise Gate & Digital Reverb (Both Fully Bypassable)
Dual Master Volumes, Presence & Depth Controls, & Power Scaling Down to 10 Watts
Fully Programmable with MIDI or Included Footswitch. Two notes Editable via Bluetooth
Manufactured in Canada to Rugged Quality Standards. 5 - 12AX7, 4 - 6L6GC
Pricing and Availability:
he Generator 120 MKIII is $3299 & the 100P & 100R are $2699. They can be pre-purchased through many fine dealers or directly at starting November 12th, 2020.

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