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Progressive rock is generally considered an English affair, focusing on the likes of Yes and King Crimson. However, in America, its best known exponents are Kansas. Although the band are best known for their US radio staples 'Carry On Wayward Son' and 'Dust In The Wind,' their musical range runs much deeper. A unique blend of European prog and American blues, Kansas are capable of an extended symphonic epic followed by a shorter, gritty blues song. Yet even those tracks are never simple three‐chord tunes and virtually everything the band has recorded has a progressive touch. Such is the beauty of Kansas’ music.

Despite personnel changes, including the departure of three lead singers, they continue to flourish. Recent years have brought a new line up, new albums and a rejuvenated outlook, resulting in acclaimed live shows. Their legacy will no doubt continue as they approach their half-century mark. Kansas: On Track follows the band from their first album 2020’s The Absence of Presence. Each song is carefully considered in context, along with comments from the author and key figures in the band’s history. Hardcore fans and casual listeners alike will gain a renewed appreciation of America’s premier progressive rock band.

About The Author

Kevin Cummings
is a musician and writer. He holds a master’s degree in music theory and a bachelor’s degree in music education. His varied career includes positions as a college music instructor, a technical writer and over two decades as a church musician. An active composer, Kevin maintains a website offering original music, recordings and arrangements, as well as transcriptions of Kerry Livgren’s music. Through it all, he has been a progressive rock nerd, especially concerning the music of Kansas. He lives in Elmira, New York.

Author: Kevin Cummings

ISBN: 978‐1‐78952‐057-6
Format: Paperback (21cm x 15cm)
Pages: 144 plus 16 colour
Illustrations: 40 Colour
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