DECEMBER 5, 2022 — LOS ANGELES — Donner, leading manufacturer of innovative and feature- rich musical instruments, has rolled out the new DED-20 Electric Drum Pad. An innovative practice device for drummers on-the-go, the high- performance DED-20 features a built-in speaker that boasts high-quality sound source samples taken from real acoustic drums. Featuring seven drum sounds — including one snare, one crash, one ride, one hi-hat and three toms — the DED-20 also offers 12 demonstration songs and nine accompaniments set up to accommodate the needs of live performance.


The DED-20’s two stereo speakers deliver powerful, impactful sound that reach the volume level of an electric drum kit and can be adjusted to nine different volume levels, so drummers can easily adjust accordingly to their current volume setting.

Crafted from high-quality, soft silicone, players can roll up the pad and carry it with them in a backpack to practice wherever, whenever. The soft silicone construction also reduces noise when drumming. For even quieter practice, the DED-20 supports a 3.5-mm headphone output, so players can practice with headphones.

Additionally, a 3-minute-long (180-second) recording function can capture a drummer’s moment of inspiration, enhancing their creative potential.

Ideal for practice on-the-go, the roll-up drum pad features a built-in speaker that
samples a real drum, as well as a headphone output for quiet practice

Available standard with a MIDI-out jack and USB MIDI-out jack, drummers can connect the DED-20 to their computer to produce music or play games, as well as connect external speakers for live entertainment.

The DED-20 comes complete with one electronic drum pad with mobile power charging support, one power adapter, one USB data cable, one 3.5-mm audio cable, a pair of drumsticks and two drum pedals. With all these accessories included, the DED-20 also makes a great starter pack for kids or adults wanting to learn how to play the drums.

DED-20 Key Features:
- Built-in speaker boasting high-quality sound source samples taken from a real drum source.
- Two stereo speakers delivering the powerful sound that reaches the volume of an electric drum kit and can be adjusted to nine different volume levels.
- 3-minute-long recording function to capture in-the-moment musical inspiration.
- High-quality soft silicone construction so the pad can be easily rolled up and transported.
- 3.5-mm headphone output.
- Comes complete with one power adapter, one USB data cable, a pair of drumsticks and two drum pedals.

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