Nili Brosh: Instrumental Guitar Phenom You Need to Know

Feature Photo: Tim Salaz

If you haven’t yet gotten to know guitarist Nili Brosh, she definitely belongs on your short list of inspired rock shredders with songwriting chops. With three solo records behind her already—featuring performances by a variety of extremely well known and highly sought after players, she has a pair of new songs dropping this week (5/7/23) and a new music video.

Not just a shredder raised on ‘80s guitar deities, this Berklee trained talent started out playing guitar with the legendary Shrapnel recording artist, Tony MacAlpine, but these days, you’ll routinely find her performing in Las Vegas as a featured guitar player in the Cirque du Soleil show, Michael Jackson ONE, and touring the world with Danny Elfman… and playing (and touring this summer) with Dethklok and Babymetal on the Babyklok Tour.

We caught up with Brosh this week to talk about her new music, the singles "Song for Hope" and "Lavender Mountains," guitar gear, songwriting, and more:

 Essential Listening

Through the Looking Glass (2010): Nili Brosh’s debut solo record firmly establishes her shred cred and is a great place to start. It’s full of fabulous up-tempo instrumental rockers.

A Matter of Perception (2014): Brosh’s musical pallet expands here, and some jazz and blues influences creep in as well. Ear worms like “Eli” (named for Jason Becker) and “Double Entendre” will get stuck in your head.

(2019): Branching out further, Brosh opens this record with a few acoustic/classical pieces that will have you reminiscing about Steve Steven’s Flamenco a Go-Go before delivering insane crossover material that fuses keyboard-heavy pop and some electronic beats with her signature firey guitar work (thanks to Alex Argento for the fabulous keyboards and production work). Check out “Djentrification” and you’ll hear how she and Argento fuse styles effortlessly.

Photo credit: Dana Tarr