Spark Control X Wireless Foot Controller From Positive Grid Offers Maximum Control for Spark Series Smart Amps

Anaheim, CA, January 23, 2024 – The new Spark Control X next generation wireless Bluetooth® foot controller offers hands-free control for the entire Spark family of smart amps, including the newly announced Spark LIVE. Its six-switch design with multi-color LEDs allows users to easily swap presets, toggle effects and much more. Spark Control X also features rechargeable battery power, expression pedal inputs, and a rugged, ultra-compact aluminum build for on-the-go use.

Spark Control X seamlessly connects to Spark series amps through the Spark app, while Spark LIVE users enjoy the added benefit of direct hardware connectivity.

Spark Control X
Plug in electric guitar, electric-acoustic or bass, and use the six customizable foot switches to assign/change presets; assign/toggle effects; and start or stop music, backing tracks and the Spark app’s Smart Jam. Spark Control X also offers the ability to directly connect two TRS type expression pedals – Wah, pitch shifter, volume control and more – and fine-tune their custom presets in the Spark app.

Designed to be future-proof, Spark Control X can control the hardware for the new Spark LIVE smart amp and PA system as well as subsequent Spark amps.

For ease-of-use during performances, multi-color LEDs indicate the status or function of each switch. Spark Control X also comes with three transparent overlays for the top panel that can be used to label functions assigned to the switches, instantly recall functions, and make notes.

Spark Control X
Spark Control X is equipped with a rechargeable battery that delivers over 150 hours of playtime on a single charge, for extended practice, jam sessions and performance without compromise. In addition, its rugged aluminum build and one-piece silicone cover ensure it stays underfoot.

Watch Spark Control X HERE:


Spark Control X can be pre-ordered for USD $149. For more information, visit

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