ADRENALINE MOB - New Album 'We The People' Out June 2nd


With their upcoming third studio album We The People slated for a June 2nd release, New York based hard rockers ADRENALINE MOB are revving up for an explosive year. And while fans can expect their first taste of the new record and details on the group's touring plans to come to light in the near future, vocalist Russell Allen and lead guitarist Mike Orlando will be making themselves available to speak with the press next week about what is on the horizon for Adrenaline Mob.

The two founding members of ADRENALINE MOB, Russell and Mike will be doing interviews individually on Wednesday, April 19th (Russell) and Thursday, April 20th (Mike), respectively from 2-6pm EST. If you wish to schedule a time to speak with either of them, please reach out to
As the title We the People indicates, there’s a political side to Adrenaline Mob. Throughout their years as musicians and songwriters, they hadn’t stayed silent on matters significant. Whether they were masked in metaphor or flatly conspicuous, they’ve always poured their feelings into song. It was, as Orlando puts it, a form of catharsis. So, as they were watching the presidential campaigns, feeling the negativity—the constant bickering and finger pointing—they knew Adrenaline Mob’s next venture would be impacted. In fact, the first song Orlando began writing for We the People was the politically-charged rocker 'Blind Leading the Blind'. “The title track is very much inspired by the past election year,” confirms Allen. “It touches on our society, here in America. The album title is a reflection of our times. The songs have certain particular stories that stand on their own. Many of them are also driven by the climate we live in today & some are about having a good time, being free & loving rock n roll. All the tracks have a personality and character to them.”
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