Gothic Instruments releasee DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres

Gothic Instruments release DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres

Highly playable and expressive Kontakt tool for modern cinematic production


DRONAR: Cinematic Atmospheres is the fifth module in Gothic Instruments’ critically acclaimed series of atmosphere creation tools for Kontakt featuring a diverse collection of extraordinary FX courtesy of sound designer Alessandro Camnasio.

From intensely high pitched to the deepest low frequencies, eerie and haunting, dark and mysterious, not to mention those that are simply offensive to the ears, the FX in this collection will make you feel cold, tense and inextricably uncomfortable. They are the perfect ingredients for creating evocative musical soundscapes and atmospheric pads that will emotionally charge your next modern cinematic production – from mystery and horror to sci-fi and thriller genres.


Dark echoing winds, deep rumbles, anxiety-inducing atmospheres... beautifully warped and exquisitely alluring or the stuff of your darkest nightmares… Coupled with DRONAR’s dashboards of easy-to-use controls and effects, these sounds are heavily customisable and can be tweaked to exactly meet the needs of your project. What´s more, fascinating tuneful presets created by guest composers will give you an instant starting point.


The clever DRONAR engine means you only need to play a few notes and move a few dials to get rich, complex sounds and expression yet beyond the shimmering immediacy of the Main Page awaits a whole other world of expert control, turning DRONAR into a vast modular multi-timbral synth/sampler with multiple independent arpeggiators. You’ll lose hours exploring this addictive tool…


DRONAR Cinematic Atmospheres is available to buy now with an introductory discount of 20% until 10th October.


Existing DRONAR and SCULPTOR customers can use their 20% loyalty code to double their discount to 40%!


For full details, video walkthroughs and demos visit:


The founders of UK-based Gothic Instruments have an incredibly successful track record in library music production and their expertise in this area means their range of Kontakt tools meet the needs of composers and sound designers perfectly. There are currently two series’ available – SCULPTOR which focuses on SFX creation tools, and DRONAR – a series of modules dedicated to creating rich, complex and expressive soundscapes, atmospheres and pads.

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