PedalSnake Says “Mission Accomplished” (still, it’s all about the buffer)

Raleigh, NC—July 25, 2018. PedalSnake is calling “mission accomplished”. In the last year, PedalSnake has provided their customers the last two features they had asked for:

  • PedalSnake-Strymon 24V Method. Now players can place an ultra-quiet, pro-grade 24V-sourced power supply from Strymon on their pedalboard, powered through PedalSnake, with no AC cord to run!
  • Tour Prep Accessories. These custom designed cable supports enable guitarists to make their setup bulletproof in seconds at both ends (amp and pedalboard).

These new features add to the magic PedalSnake has brought guitarists for over a decade. The low-voltage multi-channel cable is light and flexible, for an easy-to-coil all-in-one cable system. Players easily customize PedalSnake to their rig, and it mods easily when their rig changes, making for a lifetime investment. Stellar tone and reduced noise comes via the novel HiC-LoZ Method (using a single buffered pedal).

“Working with Strymon’s engineers, the 24V Method gave us the solution most often requested,” explains PedalSnake president Jody Page, “which was to have a board-mounted power supply and power it through PedalSnake. Then there was only one last request to work out, which was to quickly and reliably secure both ends of PedalSnake to the amp and pedalboard onstage.”

Now available are:

  • AEStrap Kits. Custom Velcro straps install easily, and bind PedalSnake to the back of the amp, providing proper strain relief and the perfect location to reach all amp connections.
  • PSClamp Kits. PedalSnake clamps provide an iron-clad bond to the pedalboard.

“Guitarists are used to traditional guitar cables, which need no strain relief when plugged into the amp,” Page continues. “But a snake is heavier, and does need it.” Tour Prep accessories now make PedalSnake the new standard for touring rigs, with a setup that is fast AND bulletproof. “And the fun part is, PSClamps are so strong, folks can lift their pedalboards off the ground with the PedalSnake! Fun stuff. Watch folks freak when you do this!” (See photo).

“But let’s not forget,” says Page, “PedalSnake would not be possible if not for the good old buffered effects pedal.” Its low-impedance output, which was invented to allow players to use any length guitar cable, enabled PedalSnake to provide a superior design for pedals-to-amp cabling, with both great tone and reduced noise. “True bypass pedals are great,” Page concludes, “and we should all use them. But, PedalSnake or not, everyone should have that one buffered pedal, so they can use any cable they want and never lose tone!”

PedalSnake website:
PedalSnake Video

Street Prices - PedalSnake Systems start at $87, AEStrap Kits are $11, PSClamp Kits are $5.

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