Harrison Consoles Announce AVA LegacyQ Equalizer

Harrison Consoles and Plugivery Distribution proudly announce the digitally recreated plug-in version of Harrison's original MPC digital equalizer, the "AVA LegacyQ" Equalizer. Available August 14, 2018 from all reputable pro audio resellers and music stores around the world in AAX, AU, VST and VST3 formats for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms respectively.

Harrison Consoles, a leading developer of professional audio mixing consoles for international film and television production and Plugivery, a leading audio software, and virtual Instrument distributor are proud to introduce the "AVA LegacyQ" Equalizer.

Harrison’s reputation for "True Analog In-The-Box" sound is due to their unique development heritage; first creating an analog console processor and then converting the processor to digital while retaining the sound and character of the original analog console.

The new AVA LegacyQ is a plug-in version of Harrison's original MPC digital equalizer. It began life as a digitally-controlled analog circuit and was later adapted to digital while being used in ultra-high-end post & film facilities worldwide.

Like the original, the AVA LegacyQ is optimized for use with control surfaces. Each band covers a limited range equivalent to its original analog counterpart, and the “Q” shape is designed to optimally match the operating range of a physical knob.

A high-resolution spectrum analyzer is also provided to pinpoint specific frequencies that need adjustment.


  • Harrison’s first full-featured digital EQ in a plug-in.
  • 5 parametric EQ bands with selectable shape.
  • 2 filters with selectable shapes (including Harrison’s wide-bottom notch for fast & accurate repair work).
  • Harrison’s custom 4-octave frequency ranges; first developed for the 32C console in 1975.
  • Harrison’s custom "Q" knob is optimized for use with control surfaces.
  • High precision RTA analyzer retains full resolution in the low frequencies.
  • 5 EQ bands and 2 filters are provided for optimum compatibility with Avid control surfaces.
  • EQ curve appears on Pro Tools mixer window, and control surface displays (AAX only).

Pricing & Availability:

LIST: $89
REG. MAP: $69

Supported Formats: AAX, AU, VST, VST3
OS Platform Support: Windows, macOS, Linux

Harrison Consoles' AVA LegacyQ will be available from Tuesday, August 14, 2018 for the introductory price of $49 through September 15, from all global and reputable pro audio resellers and music stores listed at Plugivery:


About Harrison Consoles

Harrison designs, manufactures and markets large-format, professional audio mixing consoles for international film and television production, post-production, broadcasting, sound reinforcement and music recording markets.

Mixbus was Harrison’s first entry into the consumer DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) market. Launched in 2009, Mixbus is a full-featured DAW that incorporates many of Harrison’s mixing technologies. Mixbus is developed in collaboration with the community-developed open-source Ardour community.

About Plugivery

Plugivery is a B2B (business to business) distribution service whose purpose is to introduce audio software products into hundreds of music stores all around the world carefully considering every need of a truly professional distribution service based on electronic delivery. The name Plugivery comes from the combination of the words “Plug-in” and “Delivery”.