2019 Ibanez New Products

1.) Ibanez Introduces New LHM1 Luke Hoskin Signature Model

Bensalem, PA—Made to the exacting specifications of Prog Metal heavyweight Luke Hoskin of Protest the Hero, the LHM1 is everything a guitar engineered for hard and heavy music should be. Plus, it has an absolutely incredible custom shop look and vibe.

Luke’s style is all about precision, speed, and technical execution, but all while still being able to retain individual note clarity, even with heavy distortion. For such a particular set of needs very specific specifications were chosen to ensure this axe could meet and exceed all of the challenges that Luke would be throwing its way.

To meet the requirement for excellent dynamics and note clarity, Fishman® Fluence pickups were selected. Fluence pickups are gaining steam in the Prog and Metal communities for their high-output, aggressive sound, note clarity, and also being dead quiet with virtually no unwanted noise; they were the only natural choice. The three-piece Wizard Maple neck is topped with an Ebony fingerboard for tight response and incredibly fast playing, while the Nyatoh body provides a balanced low-end and mid-range.

The guitar more than delivers in the tone department and the looks are something else altogether. A Flamed Maple top, gold hardware, and the Transparent Green Gradation finish combine to offer visuals that appear as if they came right out of an artisan custom shop. The LHM1 was designed to be a tonal powerhouse that also stuns in the visually, and this signature RG more than comes through on both fronts.


  • Wizard 3pc Maple neck w/KTS™ TITANIUM rods
  • 24 frets
  • Flamed Maple top/Nyatoh body
  • Ebony fretboard w/Gold Step off-set dot inlays
  • Jumbo frets w/Premium fret edge treatment
  • D'Addario® EXL140
  • Fishman® Fluence Modern Humbucker Alnico (H) neck pickup
  • Fishman® Fluence Modern Humbucker Ceramic (H) bridge pickup• Gibraltar Standard II bridge
  • Gold hardware
  • Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads
  • Gig bag included
  • Available Finishes: Transparent Green Gradation
  • LIST: $2,133.32


2.) Ibanez Introduces New Steve Vai JEM7VP Premium Signature Model

Bensalem, PA—Having been a constant presence on the Ibanez Signature Artist roster since the 80’s, Steve Vai has had many variations of his signature JEM guitar sold with great success over the years.
New for 2019, Ibanez is introducing the newest addition to the long line of popular JEM models, the JEM7VP “Premium”.

Up until now, the only way to get a guitar with all of Steve’s signature elements was to purchase a JEM7 Prestige model. Now, with the introduction of the Premium edition, players have an option to obtain all of the greatest aspects of the Prestige JEM in at a more attainable a player-friendly price.

The guitar features a 5-piece Wizard Maple/Walnut neck with KTS™ TITANIUM reinforcing rods, an Ebony fingerboard with a “Tree of Life” inlay, and an Alder body. These time-tested tone woods, combined with the HSH DiMarzio® Evolution® pickups, give the JEM7VP all of the hair-splittingly good tone and intense sustain one would expect of a guitar bearing Steve Vai’s name.

We’re very happy to introduce this guitar in the hope that it will allow a much greater number of players to make Steve Vai’s signature axe and sound their own.


  • Wizard 5pc Maple/Walnut neck w/KTS™ TITANIUM rods
  • 24 frets
  • Alder body
  • Ebony fretboard w/Tree of Life inlay
  • Jumbo frets w/Premium fret edge treatment
  • D'Addario® EXL120
  • DiMarzio® Evolution® (H) neck pickup
  • DiMarzio® Evolution® (S) middle pickup
  • DiMarzio® Evolution® (H) bridge pickup
  • Edge tremolo bridge
  • Gold hardware
  • Gig bag included
  • Available Finishes: White

LIST: $2,399.99


3.) Ibanez Introduces the S61AL-BML, From the New Axion Label Series

Bensalem, PA—The new Axion Label series is designed for metal, but offers exciting possibilities for any adventurous players after a next-level axe. Axion Label Guitars feature forward-thinking designs in sound, playability, and looks that take your performances to new heights. Arm yourself with the Axion Label and get ready to break some new ground…

The S61AL-BML features a Flamed Maple top and a Nyatoh body in a new stunning Black Mirage Gradation Low Gloss finish. The Macassar Ebony fretboard provides a tight low end with a quick response and the extremely rigid, super-thin and ultra-playable Nitro Wizard 5-piece Panga Panga/Walnut neck substantially increases sustain. The Sub-zero treated frets can stand up against the hardest riffing and string-bending. The luminescent side dot inlays make it easy for players to perform on dark stages and are a perfect match for the dazzling luminescent Ibanez headstock logo.

The Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker pickups provide an aggressive tone and a powerful attack without excess noise. The Voicing switch allows the pickups to switch from a modern, active high output sound to a crisp, clean and fluid sound. The Gibraltar Standard II enables the optimal transfer of each string’s vibration. The Gotoh® locking tuners provide tuning accuracy and allow for quick, efficient string changing and the Schaller S-Lock strap lock pins hold a strap securely but make it easy to put the strap on and take off quickly. The S61AL-BML represents a new level of performance for the modern player.


  • Nitro Wizard 5pc Panga Panga/Walnut neck
  • Jumbo Sub Zero treated frets
  • Fishman® Fluence Modern Humbucker pickups w/voicing switch on the volume knob (push/pull)
  • Coil tap switch
  • Gotoh® MG-T locking tuners
  • Schaller S-Lock strap lock pins
  • Luminescent side dot inlays & headstock Ibanez logo
  • Available Finishes: Black Mirage Gradation Low Gloss Finish

LIST: $1,466.65


4.) Ibanez Introduces New MSM100 Marco Sfogli Signature Model

Bensalem, PA—Marco Sfogli is a composer, arranger and mixing engineer, as well as being one of the most important and visible contemporary guitarists today. Marco’s influence on the electric guitar community is far-reaching, largely due to his association with the popular online guitar lesson website, Jam Track Central. Marco’s signature Ibanez guitar, the MSM100, was designed to fully support his incredibly versatile playing style.
Based on the Ibanez AZ design, the MSM100-FGB features a AAA Flamed Maple top and an Alder body in a Fabula Green Burst finish.

The ergonomic body back contour and large forearm contour were designed to fit a player’s body naturally, thus increasing player comfort. The S-TECH WOOD 1-piece Roasted Maple neck and fretboard provide a superior attack, well-balanced tone and rich sustain. The Oval C shaped neck and the smooth curved fretboard edge increases neck grip comfort and the Super All Access Neck Joint offers ultimate playability and ease in reaching the highest frets. Stainless steel frets boast excellent corrosion resistance and the wide and tall fret-type offers a quick response, good articulation when playing chords and clear tone when playing single notes.

The guitar is equipped with Luminlay side dots which make it easy for players to see fretboard position marks while performing on dark stages. DiMarzio® Air Norton™ and The Tone Zone® pickups perfectly complement each other and create a wide pallet of tonal options, adding fire and improving sustain, yet retaining clarity. The T1802 tremolo bridge, developed in collaboration with GOTOH®, features machined titanium saddles and a machined steel tremolo block for a quick response, thick lows and rich highs.

The 10.5mm string spacing allows for easy picking across strings, especially while employing techniques such as string skipping and hybrid picking. The MSM100-FGB features GOTOH® MAGNUM LOCK® machine heads, which have an established reputation for tuning stability and the guitar’s H. A. P® (Height Adjustable Post) system allows for the detailed adjustment of string posts, ensuring the appropriate tension of each string. A hardshell case is included.


  • AZ Oval C S-TECH WOOD 1pc Roasted Maple neck
  • 24 frets
  • AAA Flamed Maple (4mm) top/Alder body
  • S-TECH WOOD Roasted Maple fretboard w/Abalone dot inlays
  • Jumbo Stainless-Steel frets w/Prestige fret edge treatment
  • Bone nut
  • DiMarzio® Air Norton™ (H) neck pickup
  • DiMarzio® The Tone Zone® (H) bridge pickup
  • T1802 by Gotoh® tremolo bridge
  • Chrome hardware
  • Gotoh ® Magnum Lock machine heads w/H.A.P.

LIST: $3,333.32

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