Overloud release 3 new TH-U Rig Libraries

Overloud release 3 new Rig Libraries for their colossal flagship Guitar Amp Simulation TH-U! Plus save up to 40% with introductory savings until 28th October!

When Overloud developed the latest version of their multi award-winning Guitar Amp Simulation software TH-U then they started to look at quality enhancements.  TH-U may be huge, with a massive 239 models its the world’s largest collection in one single package featuring no less than 1000 presets covering all musical styles, but then again there are always a few surprises up Overloud’s sleeve!!!

 This week we see the release of a further 3 TH-U rig libraries once again based on 3 iconic hardware plugins!  So, what’s up first…

Choptones Carved Vai (Steve Vai signature) - VL100 signature Amp, TH-U expansion library with 46 Rigs

 Carved Vai is the TH-U expansion library, created by Choptones to emulate the sound of a Carvin Legacy VL100* (Steve Vai* signature) head in the 6L6 voiced version.


After being a long time Carvin endorser since the 80s with the X100B amp, Steve Vai came out in the '99 with is amazing signature Amp: the Carvin Legacy VL100. The 100W VL100 head deliveres 100 watts in a dual channel, all tube package with volume, bass, mid, treble & presence for each channel and master reverb.

SRP: €29inc/£25.95inc/$28

Sale: €19inc/£17inc/$18

 Full details of Overloud Choptones Carved Vaihttps://www.timespace.com/products/overloud-choptones-carved-vai-rig-library

Choptones Brit 1959 RR - Brit 1959 RR signature Amp, TH-U expansion library with 148 Rigs

 Brit 1959 RR Giant Pack is the TH-U expansion library, again created by Choptones, based the sound of a Marshall* 1959RR Randy Rhoads* Signature head.


This pack is a tribute to a timeless talent of the great Randy Rhoads. After visiting the Marshall factory, he was so enthusiast to order two 1959 stacks, with a little - but dramatic - mod that simply cascades the two halves of the first preamp tube (ECC83) giving a lot more of preamp distortion. As in the Randy prototype, the 1959RR features this mod, giving you the classic 1959 tone using the high treble channel and the modded one using the normal channel.

SRP: €49inc/£42.95inc/$45

Sale: 29€inc/£25.95inc/$28

 Full details of Overloud Choptones Brit 1959: https://www.timespace.com/products/brit-1959-rr-giant-pack-th-u-rig-library

 MF T&B 3 Classic (Official edition with original brand) - MF T&B Amplification 3 Classic Rig Library (48 Rigs)

 MF T&B 3 Classic is the TH-U expansion library, signed by Marco Fanton, modelled on the T&B 3 Classic Head built by the Italian boutique manufacturer T&B Amplification.

The 3 Classic is a three-channel head available in two versions: a 2x60W and 4x100W with EL34 or 6L6 tubes respectively. Each channel has its own boost circuit with 6 12AX7 tubes.

SRP: €29inc/£25.95inc/$28

Sale: €19inc/£17inc/$18

 Full details of Overloud MF T&B Classic: https://www.timespace.com/products/overloud-mf-t-b-3-classic-rig-library

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