Orange Amplification TremLord 30 And Pedal Baby 100 Update - Latest Products Receiving Rave Reviews and Praise from Artists

Orange Amplification's latest new products, the TremLord 30 and Pedal Baby 100 are receiving rave reviews worldwide and are already proving to be a hit with artists.

James Bagshaw (Temples) with his TremLord 30

The TremLord 30, Orange’s most vintage guitar amp ever, is a 30w 1x112 all valve guitar combo with built-in valve driven tremolo and reverb. Talking about the fifties inspired amp, John Bohlinger, Premier Guitar, says “I really like its simplicity, tone and its ear candy tremolo… what else do you want?” In his review for the same magazine, Gear Editor, Charles Saufley described the TremLord as “putting a new spin on the signature Orange sound with brighter, more articulate tones, greater headroom, multi-speed trem and sopping wet reverb… in a unique and soulful way”. James Bagshaw (Temples) commented "When I think of Orange I think of gain. This amp has turned that on its head, it’s crystal clear" and Kelby Ray (Cadillac Three) said “I love that Orange build amps with so few knobs… the new TremLord creates awesome warm sounds with a nice rich overdrive... it sounds great”.

Kelby Ray (Cadillac Three) with his TremLord 30

The Pedal Baby 100 is a 100w solid state, Class A/B compact power amp designed for touring. Guitarist magazine gave it their Editor’s Choice Award and described it as “a compact, user-friendly slab of tonal reassurance for the pedal-happy guitarist… it handles everything with poise… and with trouser flapping volume!” Colin of CSGuitars describes the Pedal Baby as “the fly-in solution for touring musicians needing a lightweight, compact power amp that can drive a 16 Ohm cabinet with enough headroom to amplify their pedal board or effects processor for those upcoming summer festival dates”. Tim Bertsch (Jaded Mary & Soul Resonance) said “My Orange Pedal Baby is a mighty powerhouse capable of producing thundering, earth shaking volume all while maintaining pristine clarity from 1 to 10!... I can configure it in a myriad of ways to fit whichever sonic application I am looking for”.

Tim Bertsch (Jaded Mary) with his Pedal Baby 100

Guitarists looking for a retro British accented tremolo effect combo or a small power amp ideal for on the road can go to to locate their nearest Orange dealer.

Orange TremLord 30 (left) and Pedal Baby 100 (right).

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