Yamaha EAD10 V2 Drum Module Adds TalkBack Function and Low Volume Drum Set Adaptability Inbox

Yamaha today announced the free V2 firmware for the EAD10 electronic acoustic drum module, adding new creative functionality and customizable settings for drum recording, rehearsal and teaching applications.

  • Talk Back Function:
    • Push of a button enables a clearer and louder recording of your voice
    • Can be activated using a drum pad or foot switch
    • Great feature for online lessons and educational content creation
  •  Extended Recording Duration:
    • Record 90 minutes (up from 30 minutes) of your playing to a USB flash drive
  • New General Settings: 
    • Mic Noise Gate Threshold - set the noise level at which the gate opens
    • Mic Noise Gate Release Time - set the length of time the gate takes to close(The mic noise gate is used to attenuate unwanted ambient noise and mic hiss)
    • Jack Noise Reduction - reduce unwanted static noises from cables
  •  Click Audio Output Routing:
    • The click can now be routed to the main stereo outputs and USB audio output
    • Provides the option of having the click track in performances and recordings
  • New Drum Kits for Low-Volume Setups (separate optional add-on): 
    • 42 new kit scenes including acoustic and electronic sounds
    • Kits optimized for use with drum triggers, mesh heads and low-volume cymbals
    • Brings a whole new realism to low-volume practice and performance

EAD10s with the new firmware pre-installed will be available from March 2020. Until then, customers will have to update the firmware on their own.

The Yamaha EAD10 V2 Firmware is free for all EAD10 users. To download, please visit https://yamaha.io/2olY0Zg

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