Torpedo C.A.B. M. provided a major free firmware upgrade by Two notes

Saint Gely, France, 9th of July: Two notes Audio Engineering have announced the release of the "M+" firmware upgrade, for its renowned speaker-simulation pedal, the Torpedo C.A.B. M.

Two notes CEO, Guillaume Pille: “We've taken our Torpedo C.A.B. M... in fact, we are taking EVERYONE'S Torpedo C.A.B. M, and we are upgrading it to perfection - for free. The user will now have an amazing clean pedal platform with a powerful and concise EQ, realistic tube feel (and sounding) power amp models that makes the Torpedo C.A.B. M+ the ultimate pedal board solution for players who want, or need, to go direct.”

This FREE update includes a clean preamp (based on an all original '74 Silverface B'man), audio enhancer, tuner, additional reverbs and noise gate to work seamlessly with the power-amp simulators, virtual cabinets and dynamic IR (DynIR) technologies within the acclaimed Torpedo C.A.B. M.
Guitar pedals have come a long way in the last 25 years and many players use them to define their tone. With the new high headroom preamp and a choice of 8 power amps, the Torpedo C.A.B. M becomes the ultimate pedal platform. When the Torpedo C.A.B. M+ is placed at the end of the signal chain and goes direct to the PA / interface – the silence in the playing environment will be golden, but the tone will still be roaring where it matters the most.

All new and existing C.A.B. M owners can simply upgrade their C.A.B. M firmware via the updated Torpedo Remote app on their computer.

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