Flagship Pompeii PE603 among Cicognani Engineering effects and accessories now exclusively distributed in USA by Godlyke, Inc.

Godlyke, Inc. is proud to announce their appointment as exclusive USA Distributor for Cicognani Engineering, an Italian manufacturer of tube amps, pedals and accessories owned by Guglielmo and Andrea Cicognani.

Known as the “Guru,” Guglielmo Cicognani has over 25 years of experience in analog electronics repair and design.  Having founded Brutus and Gurus brands as well as his current namesake company, the Guru’s designs are known and respected around the globe and have been lauded by major artists, recording studios and publications worldwide.  Cicognani products focus on reproducing the historical sounds of the past with more modern, practical design formats. Respect, passion and hard work: That is the Cicognani way.

The flagship product of the Cicognani line is the Pompeii PE603, which is a modern reproduction of the vintage Binson Echorec P.E. 603 which was used by such artists as Pink Floyd and the Shadows.

The Pompeii PE603 offers the following features:

  • Variable delay times from classic slap-back up to 740 mS of delay
  • “Multi-head” operation with 12 selectable head combinations
  • 12AU7 Preamp tube for maximum headroom and transparency
  • Swell mode for reverberation effects
  • Varispeed control to simulate motor speed adjustment modulation
  • High-quality plexiglass control face and hammer-tone metal chassis
  • Hand-made in Italy
  • Street price $549

For more info on the Pompeii as well as other Cicognani products, please visit www.godlyke.com